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Stop the deadly embargo in Syria!

We have just returned from a study trip to Syria, invited by Adnan Azzam, writer and president of the International Movement for the Sovereignty of Peoples.

We went to Damascus, Aleppo, Soueïda and we could see the disastrous consequences of the embargo imposed on the Syrian Arab Republic by the United States and the European Union. Continuing the war economically is doomed to failure, because the Syrian people, far from being resigned, will remain faithful to their traditions, their culture and their freedom.

But the living conditions of the Syrian people, due to the devastating effects of the embargo and the consequences of the recent earthquake in the north of the country, are becoming increasingly difficult. Infants and children are the first victims of economic sanctions.

Lack of medicine, food, basic necessities, electricity, heating, such is the daily lot of the Syrian people. We could see that in Aleppo, the living conditions for the inhabitants are very difficult. The recent earthquake has only made the situation worse.

- Do we have the right to let this intolerable situation continue without batting an eyelid?

- Do we have the right to look away without questioning?

- Do we have the right not to speak out against this persecution that has been going on for over 10 years?

- Do we have the right not to call on our leaders to stop the unnecessary deaths?

Although officially, the American and European sanctions do not concern humanitarian aid, their consequences are nevertheless dramatic, as no bank or company dares to export hospital equipment or medicines to Syria for fear of US sanctions. The latter practice legal extraterritoriality which heavily penalizes all relations with embargoed states. Finally, this situation also entails the risk — known and calculated by the promoters of the embargo — of creating civil unrest of varying degrees of severity in the long term.

80% of Syrians live below the poverty line. Food prices rose by 133%. What is happening on Syrian soil is a crime against humanity.

This intolerable disregard for human life must stop immediately. France, the country of human rights, must demonstrate its vocation and affirm its humanist values.

We solemnly demand an immediate end to the embargo that is starving the Syrian people. The needless deaths and suffering of infants and children must stop IMMEDIATELY and IMPERATIVELY.

Signatories to this text:

  • Mr. Adnan Azzam. President of the International Movement for the Sovereignty of Peoples.Philippe Cuttat
  • General Dominique Delawarde
  • Captain Pierre L. Plas
  • Mr. Alexandre Garacotche
  • Mrs Halima Merabet
  • Mrs Dominique Mouillard
  • Mr. Ignace Lovel
  • Mr. Aïssa
  • Mrs Geneviève Squifflet
  • Mr. Claude Janvier
  • Mr. Philippe Cuttat

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