[SÉRIE] We’re talking about the 61

We’re talking about the latest Kairos magazine (#61)
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Let’s get back to the Pacte d’excellence!
Jean-Guy Miscellaneous

Wokism: contradictions, double standards
Nicolas Bart

Totalitarianism and paedophilia

Ukraine and elsewhere: underground causes and a powerful alternative
Daniel Zink

Theodore Kaczynski, alias Unabomber, the armed prophet of the anti-technology revolution

The return of Law?

Can you be influenced?
Alain Adriaens

Autonomy or dependence? The Maltese example
Olivier Rouzet


Mask school: definitive closure

Mask policy
Philippe Godard

« Protect yourself, protect me » Psychopathology of a mask-℗arade
Kenny Cadinu

Our resistance has pushed back Leviathan

Scientific review of the usefulness and safety of wearing a face mask to prevent Sars-cov‑2 in the general population

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