Pic Pic Pic Hurray!

As the experimental Covid-19 injection gradually reveals its ravages (side effects, mortality, birth rate), a Belgian clinic is inviting its staff to come and be injected, in good spirits and in good fun. How can we expect people who are still so blind to react? 

« Influenza Vaccination / Covid.… here we go!

De Secrétariat de Direction, de la Clinique Notre-Dame de Grâce à Gosselies

Hello to all,

The sky is still blue, but winter is fast approaching.… it’s time to think about updating our antibodies.…

Whether it’s against Covid-19, which is on the rise again this autumn, or against the flu, which is bound to return sooner or later.

This year, you can be vaccinated simultaneously against influenza and/or Covid.

To protect you, your family, your loved ones and, above all, OUR patients.

You can choose either:

- Covid vaccine alone;

- the Flu vaccine alone;

- the 2 at the same time (1 in each forearm);

- the 2 vaccines 14 days apart.

We invite you to register via the online form to choose the vaccination time that suits you best. 

 » In order to be able to decide between ex-aequo in the vaccination best off, please enter your department ». 

When? From 16/10/2023 to 24/11/2023

Where is it? Route 175 (Former Origami department, Level +1, 1st room on the right after the double door)

If the time slots are full, or if none of them suits your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us on the « Flu » number — 9674 — and we’ll bring the vaccines to you on a mobile cart.

I ‘m getting vaccinated… 


NO I prefer not to receive the vaccine and I indicate the reasons for my refusal. 

To all future vaccinees… Pic Pic Pic Hurray!


In order to be able to decide between ex-aequo candidates for the vaccination best-off, please enter your department ». 

Come on, we’re not giving up! There’s still work to be done…

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