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It is with a heart filled with sadness but also with revolt that I write to you.

I have just lost, this April 8, 2022, my oldest daughter Jennifer who would have celebrated her 42nd birthday this June 13.

She had decided to completely change her career and, at the age of 40, had gone back to school to become a nurse’s aide.

Unfortunately, in order to complete her internships, she had to be injected.

On the evening of Thursday, April 7, she stayed in front of the television while her companion went up to bed around 11:00 p.m. He didn’t worry about her not joining him because it wasn’t uncommon for her to fall asleep in front of the screen. On Friday morning when he came downstairs, he found her sitting on the couch, eyes open, already a little cold and bluish.

In the panic of the moment, he called 911 and began trying to give her CPR. Unfortunately, there was nothing left to do. 

When I heard the news, it took me some time to arrive and find some courage and we took the road, my companion and I, to go to my poor daughter Jenni’s house, about fifty kilometers from our home.

In the meantime, the police, the public prosecutor’s office and the forensic scientist had come to the scene.

We arrived around 3pm. The coroner was no longer there but apparently could not determine the exact cause of death. She would have died between 5 and 6 o’clock in the morning of « natural causes ».

The police were still on site and urged us not to see her because she « really wasn’t beautiful ».

She was lying on the floor in the living room where the rescuers had placed her, covered with a blanket. The mortuary van arrived around 4:30 pm. Frank, her companion, still wanted to look at her. He told us that she was all blue, with prominent veins.

Jenni had no major health problems, no asthma, no heart problems, no excess weight, nothing but a few skin discomforts.

However, for the past 2 months, she said that she had palpitations, a tightness in her chest, that her hands and arms were numb and cold. Her mother told us that on Wednesday she had come to carry 3 bags of groceries for her and that the simple fact of having climbed the stairs to reach the second floor had made her so out of breath that she had to sit down. This had never happened to her before and yet she had this habit of shopping for her mother.

Her classmates told us that she was suddenly sweating excessively. She had even made an appointment with her GP and was due to see him the following Monday!

It is extremely important to know that all of these ailments started right after he was injected with the third dose of Pfizer product. Again, prior to her mandatory vaccination, she was in perfect cardiac health, had no co-morbidities and then… she was only 41 years old! The doctor who pronounced her dead said she died of cardiac arrest.

I didn’t want to ask for an autopsy because I don’t trust these doctors « under orders » (those who respected their Hippocratic oath, they were sidelined). How can we be sure of the neutrality and accuracy of an autopsy report by a practitioner we do not know?

I would like to know your opinion and get your help in directing me to the various people and associations to which we can turn.

My daughter was forced to get vaccinated in order to get a job… She will never have the opportunity to fulfill her dream of helping and caring for others.

Thank you for hearing me.



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