Naulleau versus Rousseau

Covidism or wokism, no to totalitarianism!

Vincent Cheynet sets the record straight with the case of Eric Naulleau, author of a recent pamphlet,  La faute à Rousseau published by Léo Scheer, which has the merit of denouncing the woke ideology through one of its emblematic media figures in France, EELV MP Sandrine Rousseau. But the editor-in-chief of  Degrowth provides a timely reminder of some of the past…

« Rousseauism is totalitarianism, » trumpets publisher Éric Naulleau all over the mass media. This salutary critique of the MP, and above all of the ideology she represents, is a useful contribution, even if we didn’t wait for him to do it, even though he stands alone in this noble struggle. It’s true that we’re not part of the puppet theater accredited to animate the media scene. Let’s find out why this is the case. The editor has every right not to share our vision of ecology; that’s not the subject here, and we’ll pass on his attacks on degrowth. No, the point here is that the dissident Naulleau, now swaggering around all the right-wing TV shows, presenting himself as a Solzhenitsyn under the Rousseauist dictatorship, has just emerged from a sequence in which he played an eminent role as media vopo of a totalitarian drift that is, to put it mildly, as good as the Rousseauist peril. For the covid episode was also one of unveiling; that of those who, while having a mouthful of denunciation for totalitarian and dictatorial regimes, have shown in a full-scale social experiment that they are ready to jump right back in first. And it’s precisely Éric Naulleau who bears an eminent responsibility, having been part of the pack of watchdogs vociferating horrors in the mass media to enjoin the use of the slingshot against those who resist the health dictatorship. An example on Paris Première, November 16, 2021: « We’re going to have to move to a more authoritarian approach. Not only do I dislike authoritarianism; I’ve based my entire thinking on anti-authoritarianism […] I think you’re being ridiculous by comparing the France of the future with China, because we are, fortunately, a long way from that. All I’m saying is that, at some point, we’re going to have to take a very serious look at the issue of confining non-vaccinated people… ». Appreciate the rhetoric, which consists in proclaiming oneself the best defender of the anti-authoritarian in order to demand the most brutal authoritarianism. A classic. 

Naulleau continues this sequence with one of his peremptory assertions that experience has shown to be false: « We can no longer be satisfied with this situation where one wave follows another. And why is that? Because the vaccination rate is no longer taking off. » That hasn’t stopped the publisher from giving lessons de Science to geneticist Alexandra Henrion-Caude, one of the world’s most renowned researchers on the subject:  » You’re talking a lot of garbage here, and I can’t let it go. You’re not here to pull any wool over anyone’s eyes! Madam, this is the first time I’ve said it to a guest: you’re irresponsible. […] What you’re saying is serious. The situation is serious, very tense. It makes no sense to say things like that. » (C8, March 18, 2021). Against their own supposedly most elementary principles — « The health pass will never be a right of access that differentiates French people. It cannot be compulsory for access to everyday places such as restaurants, theaters and cinemas, or for visiting friends. » (Emmanuel Macron, April 30, 2021) — the covidists have been able to resurrect a monstrosity we’d hoped to forget: sub-citizen status. We forgive, but we won’t forget. Now ousted from the stage of the Gauche woke, pretending to be a watchdog and a rebel, Éric Naulleau would like to make us weep for him. We fear that in the next serious democratic peril, he will once again choose what has always been his camp: that of the TV set.

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