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My letter to De Morgen

The following letter was translated from Dutch and sent to De Morgen by a citizen.

De Morgen

July 6, 2022

Since July 1, 2022, all merchants are obliged to offer the possibility of electronic payment. However, no store is required to accept cash.

Predictably, De Morgen does not comment on this democratic anomaly. The daily silent terrorism of the ‘4th estate’ that looks the other way and remains silent…

You could, for example, have mentioned that the banks make a financial profit for each transaction made in this way. While the merchant loses. It is therefore an ingenious system that could only be invented by big perverts.

You could also have mentioned that the state does not like the privacy that cash offers.

But, I suppose the subsidies you receive that allow you to pursue your lifestyles and ambitions, take precedence over the consideration that there is something here that does not make sense. A dog does not bite the hand of the one who feeds it.

In England, the press offers a different kind of experience. Regularly, they set up campaigns and petitions to counter the decisions of the Decision Makers. For example, thanks to a campaign by the Daily Mail, a new law that will require banks to compensate victims of online fraud will come into effect.
Has De Morgen ever changed anything fundamental in Belgium?

There are many things that De Morgen automatically keeps quiet about.

Richard S.

Translation: Valérie Mathieu

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