Marianne turns her jacket… on both sides identical

After publishing the most despicable articles against those who resisted during the Covid, the weekly Marianne is now playing the white knight(1). In La Décroissance n°179 of May 2021, I noted:  » On Sunday 21 March, in Annecy, the demonstration against the state of emergency increased from a few hundred to two thousand people. That’s all it takes to bring in the thought police. Two days later, an article in the weekly Marianne headlined: « In Annecy, a red-brown perfume at the demonstration against the sanitary rules  » « . The demonstration of the editor, Thierry Vincent, is unstoppable: « the name of the organizing collective, « the great gathering », can make one think of the « great replacement », the thesis popularized by the far-right writer Renaud Camus ». Besides, Jacques Roura, from the collective organizer Keep Smiling, has two eyes, like Hitler. And isn’t he smiling in some of the photos? CQFD! Contacted, this reader of La Décroissance, tells us: « In any case, the journalists you quote use methods that make my friends laugh: Jacques, a fascist? Ah Ah Ah! That’s why we notice that the more we are attacked, the more we are numerous! Because people see the injustice and perversity of these attacks. […] As there were 2000 of us last Sunday, the authorities are starting to worry about it and so we are attacked from all sides with false allegations, but in the end it is a good sign of our influence. » And this is not the worst that has been done by the press(2).  »

Marianne, pseudo counter-power

Marianne is this pseudo counter-power, in fact a controlled opposition, immediately taken in hand at important moments. On April 20, 2022, the daily Ouest France reported that « On Tuesday 19 April, the society of editors of Marianne magazine raged against an « unprecedented attack on its independence », claiming that the main shareholder of the weekly, the Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky, had intervened to change the front page of the issue to be published this Thursday 21 April.  » The front page of the weekly magazine showing the eyes of Emmanuel Macron and those of Marine Le Pen, whose initial version was « Anger.…..or chaos?« was changed into « Despite the anger.…..avoid the chaos. » No more playing the rebel, back to reality: the hand that gives leads.

Feeling the wind change, the mass media, not only will not amend their crime, but will continue to present themselves, shamelessly, as the defenders of freedom

Marianne is owned by the Czech oligarch Daniel Krétinsky, who also co-owns, with the businessmen Messrs. Niels and Pigasse, from La Pravda du Système, Le Monde.

Feeling the wind change, the mass media will not only not amend their crime, but will continue to present themselves, shamelessly, as the defenders of freedom. Let’s start from reality: they are not counter-powers but The power that leads us to techno-totalitarianism à la chinoise. As such, they are our number one enemy. One cannot have access to public speech, let alone work for these mass media, without becoming a de facto soldier of Pfizer, NATO or McKinsey & Company. Except being a service gogo, no « conspiracy » here, simply an observation of the interests that own them, and those who serve them. This system allows, of course, some errors or dissident statements to pass through to give the illusion of pluralism, but these exceptions do not invalidate the rule.

Vincent Cheynet

Notes et références
  2. Un sommet difficilement dépassable aura été commis par la chaîne TMC du groupe Bouygues le 16 novembre 2020. Une journaliste s’étonne auprès de la police de la présence de jeunes manifestants catholiques devant une église. Suite à la réponse d’un policier lui indiquant que la manifestation est légale et déclarée, la journaliste de l’animateur Yann Barthès insiste lourdement, cite au policier les propos fermes du ministre de l’Intérieur et leur crie : « Là ils ont prié ! ». C’est à cette même émission que Xavier Niel, propriétaire du Monde et de Free, était présenté deux mois plus tôt, très sérieusement, comme un rebelle écolo devant des animateurs à plat ventre.

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