Mandatory vaccination of caregivers… or how to bring about a controlled collapse of the care sector

While many people think they are out of the woods and are preparing for their vacations, those in charge are preparing for the new school year. In their binders: mandatory vaccination, among other things.

While Covid policies have already wiped out the health care workforce, the « Mandatory Vaccination » law will finish them off for good. The quadruple vaccinated will remain in the hospitals, and they will fall ill quickly. If they wanted to destroy the public hospital and health care, they couldn’t have done a better job…

Let us note some figures:  » In 2020, there are 47,808 doctors, 152,067 nurses and 109,534 nurses’ aides residing in Belgium and who are active and entitled to work on Belgian territory.(1) In the newspaper La Meuse, we can read that at the end of 2021:  » According to Sciensano’s statistics, there are 18,224 nurses, 19,103 nursing assistants and 950 general practitioners who are still not vaccinated in Belgium. » (2) The proportion is therefore 11.9% of nurses and more than 17.4% of caregivers affected by the suspension of the bill 2533 « vaccination obligation of caregivers ».

In the meantime, Covid, but especially its political management, has passed by, generating burn-out and absenteeism, resignations and early departures. And then the vaccine and its side effects, aggravating the lack of manpower. It should also be noted that 11,887 physicians were 65 years of age or older in 2020, which represents 13.42% of all physicians.(3)

In addition, it must be considered that many nursing homes will no longer be in good standing, as they no longer meet the standards to obtain the special approval that ensures their status.(4) They must have at least one full-time equivalent physiotherapist and/or occupational therapist and/or speech therapist on staff. The absence of one of these, who will refuse to submit to the vaccination obligation, will sign the end of the approval for the rest home.

So it wouldn’t take much for the health care field to descend into chaos. According to official figures, 38,277 caregivers are not vaccinated, and at least 6,000 caregivers are missing. If just over 15 percent of the unvaccinated refused to be vaccinated, which is their basic right, the number of missing health care workers would automatically double. But in the end, isn’t that what those who make the decisions for us want?

Last May 12, during the international day of the nursing staff, the politicians, advised by McKinsey and other mafiosi, after having introduced the applause to the balconies, wanted to revalorize the profession, and decided to do so by striking two million coins  » as a tribute to the efforts of the physicians .(5) You can laugh. Or vomit.

The few members of parliament(6) who voted at the beginning of May in favor of compulsory vaccination, like their colleagues and as for all other subjects, obey a party logic that has nothing democratic about it. They follow their masters, themselves at the service of multinationals and finance, certain that if they do anything else, they will not be re-elected.

It is also a fact that, in addition to the destruction of the health care sector that it will cause, this vaccination will in no way serve to protect caregivers and patients; contrary to what the political and media world is hammering out. It is now known that those who are vaccinated are more likely to get sick, and this risk is directly proportional to the number of doses.

Sciensano graph

Few react to what is a real scandal. However, a lawyer, Mischaël Modrikamen, recently wrote a letter to the federal government, MPs and party presidents concerning this vaccination obligation. It reminds them of their responsibility and the criminal risk they run if they were to pass this law (these documents are listed below(7)).

The stubbornness to persist in the same policy can be explained by the effects of a structure that had made subjects compliant and obedient: unawareness of the mechanisms of domination and control, belief in a beneficent State, certainty that the mass media serve information, generalized disempowerment, egoism as the only relationship to the world (« bubble »), consumerism, deep inequality in a competitive environment…

Covid is the virus that hides the beast. It will be necessary to see beyond, to rethink the whole, so that those, still stunned, can leave the matrix.

Alexandre Penasse

Notes et références
  4. « La norme de personnel doit s’élever, par 30 résidents, à : — 1 équivalent temps plein kinésithérapeute et/ou ergothérapeute et/ou logopède (…) ». Voir — Arrêté royal fixant les normes pour l’agrément spécial comme maison de repos et de soins (comme centre de soins de jour ou comme centre pour lésions cérébrales acquises – AR du 4 juin 2008, art. 1er)
  6. Message aux aficionados de l’invective « extrême droite », qui cherchent à voir en nous du « facho » dans le seul objectif, qu’ils ne s’avoueront jamais, d’éviter le débat sur les sujets que l’on traite: indiquer que l’avocat Modrikamen intervient au nom de soignants, ne signifie nullement que nous adhérons aux valeurs de la personne. De fait, nous serons toujours là pour faire notre travail de journalistes et informer les gens, s’il s’avérait par exemple qu’il n’y a derrière tout cela qu’uneaffaire de gros sous ou/et politicienne.

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