Let’s not participate in totalitarianism anymore!

« To be lighthouses in the storm, to show that another voice is possible, apart from that, there is not much to do », says Caroline Escartefigues, a clinical psychologist that we met in the Gard. If you don’t want to hear about the Covid anymore, think that we are talking about something else, because this is once again the demonstration that the Covid is only an epiphenomenon, a symptom of a much bigger evil that is now seeing a collapse of civilization take place. It remains for you to choose, close your eyes and accompany the fall, which will see you fall too, or open them and hope to stop what is in progress. To do this, it will be necessary to leave Science as a religion, to return to a science in consciousness, to accept to open up to a form of spirituality, to act collectively in a truly subversive way, to work on ourselves…

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