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Leading to the final solution

par Pepe Escobar

The war against Russia in Ukraine and Israel’s « war on terror » in Gaza are merely parallel fronts in a single global war of appalling evolution. 

« You stole my ancestors’ orchards

And the land I cultivated 

And you’ve left nothing for us 

Except these stones… 

If I’m hungry 

The flesh of the usurper shall be my food ».

- Mahmoud Darwish, Palestinian national poet 

It has now been confirmed that Egyptian intelligence warned their Israeli counterparts just three days before the Al-Aqsa Flood that something « big » was afoot on the Hamas side. Tel Aviv, its multi-billion dollar security apparatus and the IDF, « the world’s most powerful army », have chosen to ignore it. 

Two key vectors have been put in place. 

1. Tel Aviv gets its « Pearl Harbor » pretext to implement a remixed « war on terror », as well as a kind of final solution to the « Gaza problem » (already in effect). 

2. The Hegemon abruptly changes the narrative away from the joint, inevitable and cosmic humiliation of the White House and NATO on the steppes of Novorossiya — a strategic defeat that configures the previous humiliation in Afghanistan as a masked ball at Disneyland. 

The total blockade of Gaza’s « human animals » (copyright Israeli Ministry of Defense), in fact a civilian population of 2.3 million, was imposed last Monday. No food, no water, no fuel, no basic commodities. 

It’s a war crime and a crime against humanity, overturning the four fundamental principles of the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) — all duly applauded or, at best, completely ignored by NATO and its oligarch-controlled mainstream media. 

Christians, Muslims, Jews and other ethnic groups lived peacefully in Palestine for centuries until the imposition of the racist Zionist project, with all the trappings of « divide and rule » settlement colonialism. 

The Nakba is an old memory from 75 years ago. We are now well beyond apartheid — and into the total exclusion and expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland.

In January 2023, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu himself stressed that » the Jewish people have an exclusive and indisputable right to all areas of the Land of Israel « .

Today, the Israel Defense Forces sent the UN an order to completely evacuate all the inhabitants of the northern Gaza Strip — 1.1 million people — to the south of the Strip, near Rafah, the only border crossing with Egypt. 

This forced mass deportation of civilians would be the prelude to the destruction of the whole of northern Gaza, coupled with the expulsion and confiscation of ancestral Palestinian lands — a step closer to a Zionist final solution. 

Welcome to Sociopaths United 

Netanyahu, a proven sociopath, can only get away with serial war crimes thanks to the full support of the White House, the « Biden » combo and the State Department — not to mention the inconsistent vassals of the EU. 

We’ve just witnessed the visit to Israel of an American Secretary of State — a low-IQ civil servant, overwhelmed by all the issues — who supports collective punishment « as aJew too ».

He declared that his grandfather had « fled the pogroms in Russia » (this was in 1904). Then there was the direct — Nazi — link with « my father-in-law survived Auschwitz, Dachau and Majdanek ». That’s an impressive three concentration camps in a row. The Secretary is clearly unaware that the USSR has liberated these three camps. 

Then the Russia-Nazis-Hamas link appeared. At least everything is clear. 

Internally, Netanyahu can only remain Prime Minister thanks to his two ultra-Zionist, racist and supremacist coalition partners. He appointed Itamar Ben Gvir Minister of National Security and Bezalel Smotrich Minister of Finance, both de facto responsible for the proliferation of settlements on an industrial scale throughout the West Bank. 

Smotrich has publicly declared that « the Palestinians don’t exist because the Palestinian people don’t exist ».

In record time, Ben-Gvir and Smotrich are doubling the settler population in West Bank cantons from 500,000 to one million. Palestinians — who are de facto non-citizens — number 3.7 million. Illegal settlements 

- which have not been officially approved by Tel Aviv — are popping up everywhere.

In Gaza, where poverty has reached 60% and youth unemployment is massive, UN agencies are desperately warning of an imminent humanitarian catastrophe. 

More than a million people in Gaza, mainly women and children, depend on UN food aid. Tens of thousands of children attend UNRWA (Palestinian Refugee Agency) schools. 

Tel Aviv is now killing them — gently. At least 11 UNRWA employees were killed last week (including teachers, a doctor and an engineer), along with at least 30 children and 5 members of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent. 

To top it all off, there’s the Pipelineistan angle, i.e. the theft of Gaza’s gas. 

At least 60% of the vast gas reserves discovered in 2000 along the coast between Gaza and Israel legally belong to Palestine. 

One of the main consequences of the final solution applied to Gaza is that sovereignty over the gas fields has been transferred to Israel, in yet another massive violation of international law. 

The world majority is Palestine 

Faced with the horrifying prospect of Israel depopulating the entire northern half of Gaza, live on TV and cheered on by hordes of NATO zombies, it’s no exaggeration to consider the possibility of Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen and the Gulf monarchies uniting, at various levels, to exert overwhelming pressure against the implementation of the Zionist Final Solution. 

Almost the entire South and the majority of the world are on Palestine’s side. 

Turkey is not an Arab nation and has been too close ideologically to Hamas in the recent past. Assuming that Netanyahu’s current gang would engage in diplomacy, the best possible mediation team would be formed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egyptian diplomacy. 

India has just stabbed itself in the head as world majority leader: its leaders seem to have a hard-on for Israel. 

Then there are the great sovereigns: the Russia-China strategic partnership. 

Russia and Iran are themselves linked by a strategic partnership, particularly at all advanced military levels. The mediatized Iranian-Saudi rapprochement concluded by China led, this week, to Mohammed ben Salmane and Ebrahim Raissi phoning each other, for the very first time, to coordinate their unwavering support for the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has just visited China, where he was given a warm welcome. 

China’s characteristic diplomatic sophistication — which goes far beyond the Al-Aqsa Flood — amounts to supporting the legitimate rights of the Palestinians. The whole of the Arab world and the lands of Islam feel this clearly — whereas Israel and NATO are impervious to any nuance. 

With Russia, we enter heavy metal territory. Earlier this week, Israel’s ambassador to Russia, Alexander Ben Zvi, was finally received, after several attempts, by Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov. It was Israel that practically begged to be met. 

Bogdanov got straight to the point: Ben Zvi was warned that the IDF’s plan to literally destroy Gaza, expel the indigenous population and ethnically cleanse these « human animals » was « with devastating consequences for the region’s humanitarian situation ».

This puts forward a scenario that is entirely possible — and whose consequences could be just as devastating: Moscow, in collaboration with Ankara, launches an operation to dismantle the blockade against Israel. 

It’s no secret — apart from the modus operandi — that Putin and Erdogan have discussed a possible Turkish naval humanitarian convoy to Gaza, which would be protected from Israeli attack by the Russian navy from its Tartous base in Syria and by the Russian air force from Hmeimim. The stakes would then reach unforeseen levels. 

What is already clear is that the Hegemon’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and Israel’s remixed « war on terror » in Gaza are merely parallel fronts in a single global war of appalling evolution. 

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