Kairos Weekly n°1

Some news… Kairos releases a new type of video: Kairos Weekly. We make a tour with you of the questions you regularly ask us and we answer them!

Last March, the narrative suddenly changes, and not necessarily for the better.
In a few days, we find ourselves propelled to the front of a war that most of us did not know existed.
The war in Ukraine is only the tip of the iceberg. The sudden solidarity with the Ukrainian people did not appear all of a sudden, but was indeed motivated by the media. The conflict has been going on for a long time, but no one bothered to look into it. From one day to the next, we go from « all covid » to almost nothing. A way to distract us from the issue at hand; they are trying to impose mandatory vaccination.

Kairos exists since April 2012, 10 years already, and did not wait for the covid, nor the conflict in Ukraine to get interested in the real issues.
Attacked from all sides, and with subsidies more and more rationed, we take this opportunity to ask you for your support, essential for the survival of our newspaper and to perpetuate a free press. Thank you.

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