Kairos Weekly 6

This summer, the Kairos « Weekly » is written so that what we put into words and images this spring in a new format, is remembered. Because we are quick to forget current events, but remembering what has been allows us to better understand the present and to prepare for the future, and perhaps even to participate in it. 

Delirium also feeds on organized amnesia. Since 1945, anti-communist propaganda has done its job, since over the decades, while polls showed at the end of the war that most Europeans considered the Russians to be primarily responsible for the victory, the ratio has gradually reversed to place the United States on the pedestal today… The great liberators! The Russians, who celebrated the victory on May 9, and marched in Moscow, and elsewhere. Meanwhile, at the European Parliament, during the closing of the conference on the future of Europe, dancers waddled before the eyes of parliamentarians and Macron, including a work entitled Danse l’Europe, « an emblematic work of the French Presidency and the Council of the European Union. »

Emblematic of France and of a Europe, it is sure, which does not have any more words, agora, places to vibrate, which thus puts in scene the spectacle of the emptiness, these basses of the techno like last means to quiver, last dance of a body in the Agony, Europe…

We know that the power listens only to those who are able to hear. Far from the acceptable and accepted speeches of Greta Thunberg, muse of the multinationals, the freshly graduated students of Agro-Paris-Tech had something to say, and it is obvious that they would have had their place in a real parliament, but in the current hemicycle, they would have been fiercely forbidden entry. They have indeed made a speech that no politician is capable of making, or even thinking.

The bosses and other captains of industry must have been clenching their butts in the room, because these future students, with integrity and courage, were telling them no less than they did not want these years of study and their outlets, reconnecting with the land, the peasantry, simplicity, the meaning of life. Meanwhile, Elon Musk is sending the wealthiest people in search of meaning into space, people who are so empty that they will never understand that life is here on earth, close to others, and who will never find satisfaction in their unlimited desire.

Closer to home, those who only talk about freedom and democracy, while they censor and divide, have wallowed as usual in the « cordon sanitaire », a procedure known in social psychology, where the demonization of the Other allows by automatic return to present themselves as a model of virtue. The parties that run for election in the Francophone space renew the « Charter of Democracy », it’s not nice! The « moderate » parties are extremists, however, who are capable of gagging children for months on end, confining an entire population or making shameful propaganda for Pfizer and its cronies. In France, their stratagem has made it possible for a president who « gathers » hardly one Frenchman out of 10 to pass for the last two elections.

The cord should be passed around them, that would avoid their disastrous policies…

As for those who slander us, who are disturbed by our contents, who spend their time on our pages FaceBook to seek to harm us, to make their attack ad hominem, ad nauseamFor those who wonder where the donations we received for our lawsuit against Google went, let them be reassured: we did not use them to pay for a vacation in Bermuda or to buy a yacht. For this kind of frauds, fix rather your glance on those who direct us, I named the politicians: Nethys, Avrox, airport of Ostend… we prepare you the continuation of the series The Belgian judicial ball and chain(1)This is a demonstration that it is no longer the facts that are scandalous, but the policy that allows it. Many prefer to remain in this reassuring bubble, lulled by the TV news, and are very disturbed by our little jabs that make them taste bits of reality.

Of the 22,998 euros received, 18,561.8 have been spent, leaving 4,436.2. In terms of the trial, our lawyer had asked for a measure before the judgment, that is to say before the pronouncement of the judgment, that is to say that Google which had closed our channel, put it back online. This was refused, which does not mean that we lost, not at all. The judge further acknowledges:

« It is true that freedom of expression is a fundamental right that is of great importance in a free democratic society. Especially when it comes to expressions contrary to the prevailing opinion. »

As the court had already noted, it is not excluded that in certain circumstances the judge representing the State must intervene to ensure the protection of fundamental rights.

Artillery fire is coming from all sides: they just refunded 10,000 on periodic press aid subsidies collected in 2019. They argue that Kairos also did video, so we didn’t use that money just for publishing a periodical title. Either.
So we had to divide all our accounting: for example, postal costs, insurance, website costs, lawyer’s fees… all these costs essential to the publication of a periodical title could only be taken into account for half of the subsidies and it is on this basis that the Walloon-Brussels Federation claims 10,000 euros.

So we paid them back and wrote:

« Thank you for your support of the free press, thank you for keeping it alive, thank you for finding solutions with us when we had asked you to break down our accounts, solutions to help us reuse these 9,972.31 euros in activities that would have allowed us to develop, to pay those who by the dozens work voluntarily for the newspaper Kairos.

Thank you for not giving us the right to make a mistake. Faced with the millions that IPM, ROSSEL, RTBF receive… It is obvious that our meager 9972.31 euros would have burdened your coffers, ‑these same coffers which are emptied by the corrupt politicians of which you are at the orders‑, in never solved cases…

What a coincidence, at the same time, you announce to us that not being a member of the Association for the Self-Regulation of Journalistic Ethics (a new condition arbitrarily decided by Minister Linard to be eligible for aid), we are no longer entitled to benefit from the taxpayers’ money distributed via the aid to the periodical press.

… at the same time, the Appeal Board for my press card rejects my application for renewal.

… at the same time, justice considers that I was not censured by the government, which nevertheless prevented me from going to press conferences for more than eight months.

… at the same time, the deletion of our Youtube channel, with more than 43,000 subscribers, continues.

… at the same time, Facebook practices with impunity the Shadow banning and punishes us for more than three months.

Everything is fine, and you are part of this terrible atmosphere.

Who will be there to hold this back? History, for sure.

The psychopaths who govern us, an MEP, exception, dared to name them by their right qualifier.

They who were so quick to avoid any « Covid death », seem to be deaf to the increasing number of testimonies of the victims of the injections. The naive people who still want to believe that everything is over, who, often vaccinated, think they are free, should understand that the unfolding of what was only a well-orchestrated plan, is not over. Optimism is out, realism is in, because « it’s going to be okay » is what leads to the wall and prevents us from getting organized. Nothing will go right if we let those who want to convince the 100 million non-vaccinated Europeans and who want the Member States to prepare for the fall wave. 

The factory of lies, on experimental vaccines, as on war. While Europe, puppet of the USA, bathes us in its dream that Ukraine could win, we discover that the soldiers are put in lousy conditions: execrable equipment, no money, suicide missions, corrupted military directions. 

The Ukrainian women ask that their husbands, in the front line, real cannon fodder without preparation or ammunition, come home.

They pretend to be victorious, while the shortages do not spare the components that go into the manufacture of armaments. The stockpile of Javelin missiles and FIM-92 Stinger surface-to-air missiles will not be replenished for more than a year and two to four years respectively. The electronic chips, it misses also for the military toys.

Either, young students, and others, probably dream of a world far from the tank battles between powers that are always looking for more power. We should go back to the basics, let the psychopaths, their rockets and their transhumanist delusions, join the asylums and have nothing more to do in the political choices. They should be reminded that we are nothing and that it would only take a solar flare to see their technology disappear, and there have been a few lately.

To see the original video:https://www.kairospresse.be/kairos-hebdo-n6/

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