Kairos Weekly 5

This summer, the Kairos « Weekly » is written so that what we put into words and images this spring in a new format, is remembered. Because we are quick to forget current events, but remembering what has been allows us to better understand the present and to prepare for the future, and perhaps even to participate in it. 

On Wednesday morning, the political assassins, including the figurehead, Ursula Von Der Leyen who had left Berlin for Brussels,  » emergency exfiltration, according to someto hide the chaos it left behind « In Germany (i.e. the frauds, we are talking about 100 million distributed to consultants, taken from taxpayers to implement a world they do not want), who danced with Bourla — CEO of Pfizer -, refused to make public her SMS exchanges with him, while she censored the media Russia Today (RT), this Wednesday morning, May 4, in the Belgian daily of the oligarchy Le Soiron the front page of the site  » War in Ukraine: The European Union begins the boycott of Russian black gold « . Either, those who decide, neither you nor me, have chosen for the moment a  » progressive embargo of the EU on oil and oil products purchased from Russia » . The one who earns at least 30.000€/month, without counting her husband’s million 5 minimum per year, we will come back to that, tells us that « it will not be easy »… 

While Europe generates shortages and price spikes, it prepares the market to import American oil. Europe wanted the war to end, but provided arms and ammunition, especially to the Azov battalions, while on the ground it seemed that the American army was in control of the operations. Finally, you can’t change a winning team, and the United States knows that it can count on its European puppets to make the decisions that suit it.

It’s that those who are happy with the war don’t want to see its end… It’s not Covid or Ukraine that creates this situation, it’s what we do with it. Even apart from these two problems, it seems that they want to accelerate the shortages: voluntary blocking of the rail transport of fertilizers in the United States to inflate the price of cereals, authorization in this same country to increase by 50% the mixture of fuel based on biodiesel and corn ethanol, or how to pretend to satisfy the motorists on one side to postpone the problem on the food security… Popcorn effect, the USA, the most important producer and exporter of corn, will see a surge in the prices of this cereal In Shanghai, the world’s largest container port is being quarantined. Meanwhile, tens of millions of chickens are being slaughtered, tested « positive » for bird flu… as positive as we were for covid after PCR tests… In this context, Ursula, who is part of the same gang and obeys the same rules, declares the embargo on Russian energy.

Speaking of the poor countries, Herr Klaus wrote in The Great Reset:  » For them, this crisis will take on enormous proportions and it will take years to get out of it, with considerable economic damage rapidly translating into social and humanitarian pain. « (…) « It could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe and food crisis » (…) « Either way, the consequences of these risks will be greater instability and even chaos. » (…) « In the years to come, as the pandemic inflicts suffering on a global scale, the dynamics are likely to go in only one direction for the world’s poorest and most fragile countries: from bad to worse. In short, many states with fragility factors are at risk of failure.  »

Fragility to which he and his friends have cruelly contributed. Saving lives? They don’t care, if sacrificing them allows them to increase their profit and power, which comes before women and children, or soldiers, on either side, Ukraine or Russia.

While they organize the coming shortages and famines, letting us believe that we are free, barbecues and vacations at hand, they anticipate the autumn, calling on the Member States to intensify their preparation for the next phase of the pandemic.

In particular, they ask the Member States to:

- Intensify vaccination and booster doses, taking into account the simultaneous circulation of COVID-19 and seasonal influenza.

- to set up surveillance systems for Covid 19, a novlangue that translates to « generalized population control ».

- to apply coordinated rules at EU level to guarantee freedom and security of movement, both within the EU and with international partners; Novlangue for « movement control ».

- support the development of the next generation of vaccines and treatments

- to continue to demonstrate global solidarity while improving global governance.

- intensify collaboration to combat misinformation and disinformation about COVID-19 vaccines. This is for us in particular.

Fighting against misinformation and disinformation… the guardians of truth, that of business and power, know that they have at their service governments, official agencies that claim to defend journalists and their freedom, such as the AJP, and the oligarchic media.

Despite their speeches, despite their tweets, we know that their words are empty. Bénédicte Linard, Minister of the media, who warned us a few months ago that a reflection was underway on the contours of the aid to the press which must be inscribed « in a perspective of media education, democracy, respect for the law, the fight against fake news and conspiracy theories », will achieve its ends by finding the trick: to put a new condition to be able to benefit from the aids, that is to say to be member of the association for the self-regulation of the journalistic deontology (AADJ). Their friends, who obviously refused our adhesion, without having to explain themselves.

On May 3, the day of the freedom of the press, we received in the mailbox the confirmation of the French Community:  » It appears that on March 30, 2022 AADJ rejected your application for membership. This constitutes a reason for inadmissibility of your request for support as a publisher of periodical written press (…) and therefore no aid can be granted to you « .

But you think you’ll get away with it? Set up your own arbitrary rules, not based on the rights of journalists, including the Munich Charter, and have your cronies exclude us by pretending a democratic process? If they generally do things in the greatest secrecy, sometimes the media of power spit out all their hatred and express their deepest self by condemning to the stake those who do not say what is necessary: « Excluded for life », Bernard Crutzen, for

 » lack of intellectual honesty and propagation of biased and toxic information « . How dare they, who have poisoned and lied to us for decades, with the fireworks of the last two years?

That same day, those who spoke to better hide that they did nothing of what they spoke, tweetedt « We must ensure that journalists can work freely and safely. This is an indispensable condition for the protection of our rights and freedom « .

In response, we posted publicly on the Minister’s Twitter page:  » Are you kidding? Reporters Without Borders condemned a deliberate attack on press freedom in the arrest of our journalist A. Penasse, you did not react. Nor to the censures we have been subjected to for the last two years. Only words Madame Linard… »

And then, a few hours later, the Tweet disappeared… What no longer exists never existed… Except we took our precautions and took a screenshot. What do you have to hide, Minister? Does this bother you? Other things as well, like the curious mix of gender when we know that your father sits in the Appeal Commission for my press card? You regulate yourselves among yourselves, you make the rules among yourselves, which goes against all democratic principles. This is a scandal!

The Minister therefore speaks of freedom of the press as Taylor would speak of welfare at work or Pinochet of the right of the prisoner. We will not give up!

For those who would not be ready to hear it, that is to say who prefer to put their head in the sand: in four months maximum, it will start again, but more beautifully: will be added to the situation of the first confinements: shortages and rationing, a much greater state of social tension and violence due in particular to populations in mental distress and suffering in front of what they thought would never come back, many dead and sick people from the vaccination, a catastrophic hospital situation, with, in Belgium, an application of the law of obligation of the nursing staff put in place from the next « pandemic » episode. Not to mention the numerous suspensions for the non-vaccinated, in addition to all the absences for burn-out and dismissals after the two trying years, not to mention the poisonous atmosphere due to the effects of the segregation created by the media-political caste.

The fall will be a good time to create the problem, as the infections will naturally return and they will do their usual massive PCR testing. Von Der Leyen already warns now:  » The number of infections remains high in the EU and many people are still dying from COVID-19 worldwide. In addition, new variants can appear and spread rapidly. But now we know which way to go. We need to further intensify vaccination and booster doses as well as targeted testing, and we need to continue to closely coordinate our responses within the EU. »

No word on the vaccination disaster in the Commission’s communiqué. No, always the same thing: « many people still suffer or die from COVID-19 » . So much the better, it will sell the vaccines that Ursula’s husband, Heiko, had contributed with Pfizer to make possible, in the company that hired him in December 2020, Orgenesis. Salary ? 1.5 million per year. Here, on May 08, 2021, Ursula will sign a contract with Pfizer in the name of Europe worth 36 billion euros. Le Soir, which feigns irreverence and publishes some details about Big Pharma ‑a term that is no longer qualified as conspiracy because the mass media have decided so- should have published the investigation of Adrian Onciu, the journalist who revealed the agreements between Big Pharma, Ursula and Heiko. Perhaps a little too dangerous for the newspaper.

« Intensifying Vaccination. Belgium has heard the message, as the bill on compulsory vaccination was voted on May 3 in the greatest silence. Verdict: not a word in the press on the result of this dramatic and illegal vote of parliamentarians, which may well lead in the coming weeks to a final vote and an implementation of the obligation as soon as the government considers that « the numbers are coming back… ». Applause!

The European Union, thanks to what it is doing with Covid and the war in Ukraine, will be the laboratory for the implementation of a New World Order, based on the pretext of strategically coordinating the « pandemic ».

There is still time to curb this delusion.

To see the original video: https://www.kairospresse.be/kairos-hebdo‑5/

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