Kairos’ 10th anniversary

Retrospective of May 28, 2022, on the occasion of the anniversary celebrating 10 years of Kairos. 

First round table: « Attacks against liberties and social engineering 

Bernard Legros (moderator), Michel Weber (speaker), Lucien Cerise (speaker)

Second round table: « Europe facing the Ukrainian crisis 

Jean-Marc Cuvelier (moderator), Daniel Zink (speaker), Alain Adriaens (speaker), Slobodan Despot (speaker in video conference)

Third round table: « What good are artists and culture in times of crisis? »

Alain Goldschmidt (moderator), Nicolas D’Asseiva (speaker), Quentin Dujardin (speaker), Hervé Krief (speaker) and Alexandre Penasse (speaker)

Poem — Guy de Halleux

Interlude — Guillaume Goossens

Interlude — Matthieu Thonon

Interlude — Hervé Krief, Olivier Poumay, Alexandre Furnelle and Dimitri Delvaux

Speech by Alexandre Penasse

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