As Vera Sharav, a concentration camp survivor, expressed it, during Covid-19 the governments implemented two techniques used by the Nazis during World War II: fear and propaganda. For this introduction to our Chronicles of Totalitarianism, Senta Depuydt and Ariane Bilheran explain how the current period is not a break with the totalitarianisms of the past, but rather a frightening continuity.

Ariane BILHERAN: https://www.arianebilheran.com/
Senta DEPUYDT: https://sentadepuydt.substack.com/p/bonnes-nouvelles-et-bel-esprit

To be published in early September: https://www.fnac.com/a18118023/Ariane-Bilheran-Psychopathologie-du-totalitarisme
Foreword by Vera Sharav and Slobodan Despot
Postfaces Senta Depuydt and Virginie de Araujo-Recchia
The website of the documentary: https://plusjamais.eu

Secondary link: https://crowdbunker.com/v/Me4VKWsbXY

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