[INTERVIEW] Dr Jean-Philippe LABREZE: The official execution of a free doctor or the decline of a sick society

Dr. Labreze, a naturopathic doctor, was condemned by the Order without being judged. While it is the inaction of the doctors that should have been and should be punished, it is those who saved who are now being prosecuted and blamed. But where have we arrived? At the top of a society where disease is lucrative; composed of doctors trained in this ideological mold, convinced that chemistry would save the world. What is left? Disobey. Many. urgently. Leave the paradigm by founding another one.

Dr. Labreze invites Kairos readers to get Alexandra Henrion-Caude’s book: Les apprentis sorciers, to listen to the presentation of his colleague, Dr. Sabatier, as well as to listen to the interview of Pr Tritto

To sign the petition in support of Dr. labreze: www.justicepourledocteurlabreze.info

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