He calls them « animals », they bleed them

In this video made a few days ago, 95-year-old IDF activist Ezra Yachin tours the armed companies stationed at the gates of Gaza, haranguing them, stirring up hatred and simply calling for the extermination of the Arabs, whom he calls « animals ».

The following video is unbearable. But not to publish it as such is to conceal reality.
That’s all the mainstream media do. Masking, invisibilizing, counterfeiting, blurring, interpreting, diverting, … sparing sensitive souls. As if all souls weren’t strong! In essence, they are!
Nothing is blurred in this video. It was taken from a Palestinian Telegram news channel.
It was filmed just an hour or two ago. It shows the aftermath of a bombing raid on the Al-Ahli Arabi hospital in central Gaza. At least 500 people are said to have been massacred, shredded, dismembered, pierced, crushed and burned. Words are used to describe facts. They are meant to be used honestly. To use words other than these would be to rob the reality of the infernal misfortune that the inhabitants of Palestine are going through, have gone through, or will go through again. 

We owe it to them to speak of how they died, using words that truly convey the reality of what their martyrdom was like when they gave up the ghost…
Living people everywhere, open your souls! Do everything you can to put an end to this hell on earth!
And start by facing up to these deaths!

Our souls must learn, become aware! There’s no point in them being sensitive if they’re going to avoid becoming aware and learning!

These dead are people who had come to seek shelter in a place they imagined safer than their own homes, bombed indiscriminately, in one of the regions of the world with the highest concentration of human beings per square kilometer, and where 40% of the population are children and minors.

Ezra Yachin, the 95-year-old patriarch and « mascot » of the armed forces, made his wish a few days ago. They’ve heard it all: they bleed people like they wouldn’t even bleed animals. 

Images of Gaza sacrificed.

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