The CDJ found that Kairos failed to follow journalistic ethics by releasing an unverified and uncross-referenced private email to support an accusation that the email did not substantiate

The Council of Journalistic Ethics found on April 19, 2023 that the interview by Kairos, in Facebook Live, of a doctor who commented on the management of the health crisis, had not respected art. 1 (respect for the truth / verification), 4 (caution) and 22 (right of reply) of the Code of Ethics. The CDJ noted that the media, which had prepared the interview and had documents communicated by its guest prior to the interview, had neither verified nor cross-checked, with its signatory, the content of a private letter which it was foreseeable, even expected, to be mentioned during the live broadcast, that he had not at any time framed the comments of the guest, who visibly exaggerated and truncated the content, and had moreover broadcast an extract to support an accusation of defamation which he did not attest to, and in respect of which he had not implemented the applicable legal provisions either
of reply.
The full decision of the JSC can be found here.

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