« False Start: reclaiming birth »

A significant number of women emerge from childbirth traumatized.
Are we still in a health care system or rather in an industry where all women and babies undergo the same protocol without distinction and where a midwife is not profitable if she takes time with her patient? Ema Krusi guides us along the path of liberation from fear and addiction so that women can regain confidence in their ability to deliver their babies.
Aren’t the machines and drugs that were originally designed to help them used disproportionately and do they not induce deleterious effects, not only for the woman but also for the baby? Haven’t we created problems to better « solve » them? What has become of the place of women, men and caregivers?
To get out of the false beliefs, Ema Krusi explains the options available to women who wish to access their power with full knowledge of the facts and allow men to take their full place during this wonderful act that is the birth of a child.



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