Doubts about the suicide of the journalist at RTBF

On February 14, Alain Dremière, who had been on sick leave for weeks, returned to his workplace to throw himself off the 10th floor of the RTBF building, the management building, a few minutes before the evening news. According to our information, contrary to what is indicated in the media, Alain Dremière was no longer an editor but had been demoted and had to undergo training for another position. Two days before the tragedy, the journalist sent an e‑mail to his colleagues, looking forward to returning. But the man would have had an interview shortly before with Jean-Pierre Jacqmin (the man with the Ford Mustang), which would have gone badly. All this information was reported to us by RTBF workers, who did not wish to speak publicly. Doesn’t this require an investigation?

Erratum: Arnaud Ruyssen has contacted Claude Archer and asks us for a correction:

1. Factually, Arnaud points out that he was not yet president of the SDJ when it wrote its critical report on A. Dremière. Arnaud has only chaired the SDJ since 2019
2. Even as a member of the SDJ when the critical report on Dremière was written, Arnaud clarifies that he did not sit on the SDJ board that wrote the report in 2018 because he did not know enough about Dremière or the case
3. During the 2018 promotions of the new layer of managers of which Alain Dremière was a part, Arnaud clarifies that SDJ had a legal obligation to give a report on each of the future managers. While Alain Dremière was the one whose SDJ report contained the most criticism of him (and his project), the SDJ also submitted a report for each of the managers being promoted
4. In the past at RTBF it happened that someone (whom Arnaud does not want to name, nor specify the year) withdrew his candidacy for a promotion following critical remarks in a report of the SDJ

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