Distrust of experts selected by the authorities and certain media is not distrust of science

Today, we hear many politicians and scientists lamenting that the population does not have enough confidence in science and scientific expertise. The etymology of the word trust has links with faith, belief: is it not a bit paradoxical to ask the population to be less irrational and credulous, while at the same time enjoining them to have faith in science or in an expert? Indeed, in the strict sense, trust (i.e., reliance on the expert’s judgment), or at least an excessive and blind trust, can only put at a distance the critical reflection proper to the scientific approach, preventing the search for flaws, errors, neglected aspects or points of view, exceptions and special cases, new questions that would escape the provisionally accepted theory. It is also questionable whether it is true to say that a significant part of the population does not or no longer has confidence in science. Many think, rightly, that science is not the only one able to speak about the world or that, in cert …

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