[DÉBAT] EVRAS: No talking!


  • Ariane BILHERAN: Ecole Normale Supérieure, philosopher and clinical psychologist
  • Amandine LAFARGUE:Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst
  • Virginie DE ARAUJO-RECCHIA: Member of the Paris Bar
  • Régis BRUNOD:Pediatrician and child psychiatrist

In Belgium, and more generally in all Western countries, governments are zealously applying the WHO’s Standards for Sex Education program. They try to impose on children, from the earliest age (despite the denials of the political executors via their channels of distribution that are the mass media), flouting parental authority, the idea that they have a sexuality, that they should be educated in porn, in sexual indifferentiation, i.e. that the distinction between men and women is no longer relevant, etc. This is not the opinion of the 4 experts we are inviting today, but that of thousands of other childcare professionals and parents, who we are waiting to hear from.

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