Deaths in schools…

We received this testimony from a young Belgian teacher about what she experiences and sees in her school. Devastating. Outrageous! What is left when governments and the media have participated in the murder of their citizens and the effects are irreversible? Testify. Talk, talk, talk. 

« I am a secondary school teacher at a school and location that I will not name. I am Belgian. Our school has about 1000 students and about 100 teachers.
I testify today by being completely factual because it is urgent to break the silence on the following.

During the period of Covid « without vaccination », (thus until June 2021), our school did not deplore any death, nor hospitalization within it. We have a bulletin board to inform us when a student experiences a dramatic event within their family. There, in fact, we have seen a slight increase in deaths among grandparents of students, and especially great-grandparents.

After September 2021, the chaos has begun

In September 2021, our leadership team was proud to announce that nearly 98% of teachers and the school population were vaccinated. We were exactly 3 teachers who were not. Maybe more, because in Belgium, we could refuse to disclose our vaccination record. I did so because the pressure was then at its peak, heavy and especially extra-guilty, as much from the students as from the teachers.
After September 2021, the chaos has begun. (I only give the data that I have observed)
Between September 2021 and today, February 3, 2023:

Among teachers:

  • Math teacher — 40s — heart attack. Death — The day of the 3rd dose;
  • The educator, 24 years old — high level cyclist -, myocarditis during training — end of his career;
  • The director ‑fifties- myocarditis-; 
  • 2 strokes with remissions — 2 women over or under 45 years old — 2 end of career;
  • 1 aneurysm rupture — death — 50 years;
  • 1 fulgurating cancer- 37 years- death;
  • Breast cancer that was in remission, no longer is, 50 years old — chemo in progress;
  • The history teacher has become « cardiac »;
  • A « fulgurating » brain cancer — death in 7 days of a father of 3 children — 39 years old;
  • 2 people hospitalized for Covid right after their vaccination;
  • Many menstruating teachers take menstrual leave;
  • To date, long-term faculty absenteeism is at an all-time high;

Among students:

  • The most brutal epidemic is school phobia. In my 20-year career, I have known students hospitalized for school phobia, but it was rare;
  • There are 8 of them this year in a special hospital, and 4 waiting for a place, or in a family school for school phobia;
  • The data I have collected and have access to are the students in my course (so about 200 students);
  • 3 students have recent heart problems (so appeared after 2021), 1 of which is severe;
  • A student in remission from cancer relapsed;
  • Menstruating girls with cycle problems who are absent under medical certificate once a month have almost doubled. And I am not allowed to discuss the possible vaccination issue with them, nor am I allowed to tell them about the Where’s My Cycle Collective that could inform and support them.

Now let’s talk about the family chart… and this is where it gets worse. There is no more room on this board!

Heart attack, stroke, cancer, rupture of aneurysm… almost only sudden deaths of parents or grandparents (mostly men).
This year, 3 of my students lost their dad. 3 of 200.
I had never experienced this before.

This is factual, and I don’t venture to interpret these figures. But can I say that it terrifies me?

There is even more of an ominous silence about the problems caused by vaccination than there is about our vaccination status.
Not having the courage to say that we have been fooled by the laboratories and the governments is not helping people in danger, denial of care and loss of our humanity. We see every day, powerless and muzzled, students, colleagues, who sink into loneliness and illness.

We need to talk, we need to help each other and we need to bear witness.

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