Covid-19, vaccination under the microscope: Questions/Answers from Dr Christian VÉLOT

Christian VÉLOT is a lecturer in molecular genetics.

« The covid-19 vaccination under the microscope » QUESTIONS/ANSWERS (following the conference in Namur on October 29, 2022)

1) At the beginning of your speech, you expressed what I would call healthy anger. However, you are undoubtedly aware that your interventions circulate a lot among anti-vax people who often refer to them and who can then suggest that you are anti-vax yourself. What do you think about it?

2) What is the origin of the virus?

- Worobey et al, 2022: https: //

3) What are the best vaccines?

4) What is the advantage of AstraZeneca’s vaccine compared to Pfizer’s messenger RNA vaccine since Pfizer’s vaccine is RNA and therefore the transcription is already done?

5) Is RNA destroyed once it is translated into protein? How long does it last? What about the protein?

- Stokes et al, 2020: https: //

6) Is there a mechanism for reverse transcription of vaccine RNA to DNA? Under what circumstances? What are the risks?

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7) Many experts believe that vaccination prevents the virus from circulating and therefore limits the risk of the virus mutating. What do you think?

- Read et al, 2015: https: //

8) Is it appropriate to use the term vaccine to refer to Pfizer and Moderna’s messenger RNA injections?

9) Regarding phase 3: has there ever been a vaccine licensed before covid before the end of phase 3?

a) Which European body decides whether or not to authorize?

b) Can a vaccine be withdrawn at the end of Phase 3 when side effects are significant?

10) What is the performance of the Chinese vaccine and is it possible that it will be approved in Europe?

11) Does the vaccine protect against severe forms? Are there any statistics?

Our world in data: https: //

Covid tracker :

DREES: https: //

- Book Jean-Paul BOURDINEAUD :  » La science outragée  »

12) How do you know if a condition is a side effect of the vaccine? How to report these side effects?

13) Why is there little discussion of protection after covid infection?

14) What is the fate of the Spike protein in the body?

15) I have heard of effects of Spike protein on endothelial cells that line blood vessels. What about it?

And doesn’t the Sars-Cov2 virus cause more circulatory effects than pulmonary effects?

- Lei et al, 2021: https: //

16) You have explained the risks of thrombosis related to covid vaccines by specifying that many recent publications reported and explained this phenomenon.

Why then are there not more circulatory problems in vaccinated people?

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17) Why vaccinate frail people?

18) Wouldn’t it be better to improve people’s health (natural immunity, etc…)?

19) Are there any treatments other than vaccination?

20) What is the difference between natural and man-made genetic modifications?


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