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Covid-19 circus

(This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to facts and characters that exist or have existed is purely coincidental)

My dear friends,

Thank you for attending the Covid Circus show without exception. 

After this first act devoted to Covid19, from which few have emerged unscathed, and a short interlude that will leave you with little respite, we will offer you The Return of Climate Change (the name Global Warming was not really appropriate).

You will see that we have prepared a particularly rich, exciting and above all very effective program for you.

Indeed, the COP 26, the Climate Change Conference in its 26th edition, will be a unique opportunity to put a gun to the head of our who manage you to sign unacceptable agreements under the pretext of save the planet. This magnificent part of the show will once again benefit from the Guest Star: Greta Thunberg, accompanied among others by her choristers Anuna De Wever and Adélaïde Charlier, who were able to take a little rest during the first act of our show.

Of course, we have provided unassailable consensual arguments that will be adopted with applause by most of those who, during the first act, have already been injected several times without complaint with a more than dubious experimental product that has only the official name of a vaccine, while accepting to no longer benefit from medical care, convinced that there is no cure. 

« Climate change » …Vast subject… Who would dare to say that he doesn’t love nature? Who would dare to say that he does not wish a beautiful green planet for our children?… You have understood that our angle of attack is unstoppable and whoever would have the bad idea to question it will be immediately vilified by his peers, these beggars who watch each other, denounce each other and fight each other, what a magnificent spectacle seen from the balcony!

We will have another break in the program before the last part entitled ‘The End of the Age of Individuality’.

The vaccines and the good ecological feelings having been dispensed, it will then be possible for us to advance another concept that we have studied and carefully prepared for some years: it is about equality, but this time pushed to its paroxysm which is egalitarianism. It is about the political, economic and social equality, completely stripped of the fraternity and the freedom that has already disappeared during the two previous acts as you will have been able to see.

Our scriptwriter, a little short of new ideas, has imagined to make you realize that the world as you know it is unfair and very badly designed (It makes us smile to think that it is precisely us who made it unfair).

In keeping with the logic of the ideas presented as consensual, we will make you understand that it is not acceptable for one person to own a house and two cars while another owns nothing and travels by bicycle. Who could argue with this principle? No one, of course, and anyone who dares to venture into this area will be immediately put in line by his peers, especially those who are already assisted and who have been made much more numerous by the first two acts.

It will no longer be necessary for the police to carry out controls and surveillance, but rather for citizens to do so very efficiently. This recipe worked very well in the not so distant past and in some of the camps we are nostalgic for.

It becomes logical and unavoidable to dispossess the haves and the have-nots (the list of the exempted is already established), in order to make life fair for all. You will no longer own anything, but you will be happy, as the media will keep telling you.

You will have become tenants of all that is necessary to live in return for the work done. In the past, not so long ago, workers lived in the house rented from their boss and bought their food in the same boss’s stores, with the boss getting back with one hand what he gave with the other. In your new world, the New World Order will have replaced the Boss. 

With the vaccine subscription, you will also be a tenant of your body, which will no longer be able to move without the subscription (vaccine) being updated. Of course this subscription will be checked instantly wherever you go.

It was necessary to dare, and we did it.

A few ancillary details, such as social credit and generalized surveillance, will calm down potential troublemakers, thus avoiding unnecessary demonstrations and other inconveniences. 

It is a pleasure to create this new world with such obedient citizens, we thank you for your full collaboration in this exciting show leading to your social, cultural and financial suicide.

Yours sincerely,

The New World Order. 

Serge Van Cutsem

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