Cannes Pox & Monkey Festival

The cinema has accustomed us to repeated sequels. No matter the scenario, no matter the verisimilitude, as long as there are enough consumers eager for mediocrity and followers of the easy way, all the tricks are allowed. On the screens, as in reality. At least, the one that is sold to us.

We can already imagine the images, the ominous music that rises to the top and the catchphrase that begins with « this year… » or « this summer… ». This may be the trailer for the next movie to hit the screens: « Monkey Pox ». Or « Monkeypox » to make it more American, more Hollywood. And why not add a grotesque subtitle like « Covid-19, the return of revenge »? A « Big Pharma — WHO » co-production « in partnership with the governments of many countries » and « courtesy of the Label On prend à peu les mêmes et on recommencer « .

This new blockbuster should delight the 2.0 slaves who made the money in the first opus. It has all the assets of a rehash with the adjustments that were missing from the first episode because the monkey pox (of the macaque to be precise) is already known. So we have a sense of control over the subject. It is visible since it causes skin rashes, it is not very contagious and is transmitted by friction, blood, semen and saliva. Its lethality is between 1 and 10% or 5 and 10% of cases, depending on the source. Figures far more spectacular than those of the terrible Covid 19 pandemic. It also seems to be disappearing on its own. After how long, with what after-effects? We are not yet told. And best of all, serious cases are more common among young people, especially children.

This is a more or less « reassuring » presentation, for the moment. But since the masses have been fed with anxiety since the spring of 2020, it is now a given that deadly viruses threaten us all the time. With monkeypox, he may swing between the idea that social distancing is in order, that containment may not be necessary (although one can never be too considerate) and that repeated injections for the smallest are safe. Or how to get past this barrier that creates doubt in parents in the context of « vaccination of 5–11 year olds ».

Whereas it is necessary to maintain the attention of the spectators who gradually deserted the rooms where was projected Russia-Ukraine, the 3rdth World War is coming, the scenario may change and all the information given here may be obsolete in the near future. One way or the other. This smallpox could, for example, « mutate », whether it is credible or not, the scriptwriters can afford anything. They have a huge audience and powerful producers (Big Pharma Entertainment presents!) who are eager to amass new millions, if not billions.

All this is, for the moment, only speculation. At the work table of the scriptwriters we find nevertheless some important information. There are several disturbing elements that are perhaps only surprising coincidences.

Let’s remember two of them. In March 2021, an American agency called Nuclear Treat Intiniative, sponsored, among others, by the Gates Foundation (but in which organization chart do we find no trace of the greatest philanthropist of all time?) has set up a biological attack simulation. The scenario was as follows: outbreak of monkeypox on May 15, 2022.

On January 22, 2022, in Pennsylvania, a truck carrying a few hundred macaques collided with another truck. He was on his way to a quarantine center, according to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. Four of these monkeys escaped from the wrecked vehicle. Three were recovered and the authorities were asked to monitor local residents for cold symptoms. No further information is known at this time.

The origin of this smallpox is mainly attributed to macaques in equatorial Africa. It is an endemic disease in several countries of this continent. Of those naughty countries that did not, or did not play the game of injections and general panic. When will the cirrhosis of the panda occur? Coming from China of course, or the pox of the snow sheep which is found only in Siberia, so in Russia just as obviously. Or better yet, the scorpion scarlet fever (Geogarypus hungaricus, for example) which would come to us, by chance, from Hungary, since it is the last country in Europe that refuses to apply the sanctions against Russia. Let us add on a lighter tone that the countries where the first cases are announced and confirmed are those where we do not find monkeys but a majority of people injected against Covid 19. In fact, we can add that smallpox attacks already weakened immune systems. We can learn from this, knowing that the injections introduced more than a year ago are causing proven damage to the said immune systems.

So we can see that the show is in full swing. In the sold reality which is confused with the fiction. In the middle of the Cannes festival, it is a good omen, a real alignment of the planets. The presence (on screen) of the Ukrainian president at the opening of the festivities is one of the best representations. A staging that is reminiscent of the appearances of Big Brother in the film 1984. But after all, a leading actor from one of the greatest films of all time has a place in the event. With the key, a standing ovation of the great family of the cinema. The one who does not have to suffer to know how to feed itself decently until the end of the month, nor to see its children transformed into cannon fodder in the name of wars whose stakes are multiple and certainly not those exposed by the mass media. In the same way, a star who lands in a helicopter or another in a private jet is sometimes the same one who explains to us all the issues of climate change. Not to mention an air show by the Patrouille de France for a nod to a film. A real festival of monkeys who live in a parallel world that has no use for these little people who are just good at consuming and marveling. Monkeys in dresses and suits that seem to be contaminated by what could be called « the virus of disdain » or the « Cannes pox ». Can we really blame them? Who would sacrifice years of notoriety, high social and financial position to cry with the « little people »? Surely not the majority of this little people who remain just as appalled. He should stop thinking about his vacation, even planning the one he will spend in winter sports. He should fight daily against this damned human nature shaped to immediate pleasure. And above all, stop relying on the elements of the present to project yourself into the future. It is likely to be very altered, not to say « different ». That kind of future, not so far away, where the destination of the next vacation will no longer be on the agenda. Where we can assume that we will have « something else to think about » to remain in the euphemism.

Another festival with more disturbing monkeys is taking place at the same time: the World Economic Forum in Davos. Fiefdom of the real scriptwriters and of the futures at worst « wanted » or at best « hypothetical » but always probable. And always at the same time, another coincidence, in Geneva the 75th World Health Assembly. Where a new sanitary protocol is set up that will allow to bypass state decisions in the name of the new world order. The Ukrainian president has not (yet?) made an appearance. Fortunately, he is the guest of honor at the Davos Forum. Show must go on and the majority remains inclined to pay their way to the show. Without really understanding the price and even if the story is worthy of a bad boulevard. This is not a pleonasm, since there are excellent plays called « boulevard ». Anyone who still hasn’t grasped that the Covidian phase is only act 1 will have a hard time following the play to the end. As long as they realize that it is taking place before their eyes and that they are not only spectators but also actors. Second-rate, of course, but this massive figuration is one of the major keys to the plot. It is possible that at the final curtain, they have not realized anything, or so little, and they reserve, still without thinking, their place for the next show. That of total submission, of melting into the great nothing.

We can consider that we are in a new remake of The Planet of the Apes. But no matter which version is proposed, it always ends the same way. That is, very bad for the human being. Nevertheless, since this monumental deception is not complete, we still have room to maneuver. It is nothing to say, it is nothing to write. It is high time to (re)act.

Nicolas d’Asseiva, author of Pax Dystopia

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