BELGIUM: Mafia land

Transparencia Belgium:

What happens when you start to understand? For example, in Belgium, a law authorizes any citizen to access the documents of a public administration. In theory, because in practice, Claude Archer, co-founder of Transparencia, quickly discovered that politicians and high ranking officials were not too happy about the fact that we knew what they were deciding for us. Because between them, everything works well: a former elected official who becomes head of cabinet and then moves on to a senior civil servant position; the editor-in-chief of one of Belgium’s daily newspapers who shares the menu with bosses and ministers; the Minister-President who places sons, daughters, wives and daughters-in-law in his fiefdoms. Everything is ruined? Yes, if you remain immobile, because nothing will change as long as this system, which favors the worst opportunists and mediocrity, continues. This is what happens when you start to understand: you move! 

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