According to Henry Kissinger, the Russians may be responsible for Kennedy’s death

On July 11, Russian prankeurs Vovan and Lexus released a new recording of a video conference with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and French economist Jacques Attali. This time, they introduced themselves as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
Vovan and Lexus ask if it’s true that U.S. Secretary of State James Baker promised Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would not expand eastward. « I know it’s true, » confirms Kissinger. « If I may say so, I was President Mitterrand’s chief of staff at the time, and I attended many meetings between President Mitterrand, President Bush and President Gorbachev, » adds Jacques Attali. « I’ve met Gorbachev over 100 times, and I think this commitment was indeed made. It was a verbal commitment. The failure to keep this promise is one of the Russian authorities’ main grievances with the West.
According to Kissinger, it would be unfair to Ukraine to deny it NATO membership. « Finland and Sweden are joining NATO, but Ukraine, which has made so many sacrifices, is not accepted into NATO. But I think Ukraine will be an important country after the war and after its reconstruction. And it should be part of NATO.
But Kissinger admits that the road to NATO is a thorny one. « We had a meeting called the Bilderberg Club, attended by European and American leaders. They meet once a year. It was very strange that the European countries that are technically assisting you opposed [de l’Ukraine] joining NATO at this meeting. They argued that this issue needed to be studied carefully. And you’ll always be faced with this question at your meetings. It will be difficult to secure [de l’Ukraine] membership of NATO. I will support this decision in every way I can.
Kissinger declared his support for Ukrainian autonomy in 1991, unlike President Bush Sr. who, in a public speech in Ukraine, recommended that Ukraine remain part of the Soviet Union. « I was firmly opposed to it. I strongly supported Ukrainian autonomy at the time.« 
What will happen to Ukraine if Donald Trump returns to power in the United States? « Trump has publicly stated that he could solve the problem in a week. That’s ridiculous. He couldn’t do that. But he’s going to try to end the war. »
« Who do you think was behind the Nord Stream 2 explosion? Who is responsible? » asks the false Zelensky. « To be honest, I thought it was you, » replies Kissinger. « Really? You thought it was us? No, no! » The Prankeurs deny everything. « But I wouldn’t blame you for that. I wouldn’t say it’s a criticism, » the American reassures them.
Prankeurs couldn’t resist asking Kissinger who really killed American President John F. Kennedy in 1963. « I think it was the Russians. I think the bombing was organized from Cuba. So it’s possible that Russia had something to do with it, » Kissinger replied.

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