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What do you think of the suspension of Mrs. Martine Wonner by the Medical Association?

Many of our fellow citizens are under the illusion that justice is divine. It would fall from the sky, counterbalancing the political power. More seriously, justice is only the emanation of politics. Just one example: the judges of the French state courts who sent Resistance fighters to the post were the same ones who, two years later, sent the collabos to the post. It was by the collaborationist government of Vichy, in October 1940, that the National Council of the Medical Association was created. At that time, in Germany, this profession was the most represented in the Nazi regime. The doctrine of « racial eugenics » carried by physicians and biologists was at its heart: « the Nazification of physicians took place earlier and more completely than in the case of all other professions,  » observes researchers 1. Doctors joined the Party en masse in 1933 and especially in 1937, and were overrepresented by a ratio of 3 to 1. They were by far the largest group within the Party, with 44.8 percent having been members either before or after 1933, while 9 percent of male physicians who graduated between 1933 and 1939 joined the SS, where they were overrepresented 7 times, second only to lawyers 2. « . In France, the physician Alexis Carrel, winner of the 1912 Nobel Prize in Medicine, was a prominent member of Jacques Doriot’s pro-Nazi French Popular Party. He was above all a theorist of racial eugenics, as shown in his famous book Man, that unknown. In this context, it is understandable that Martine Wonner could be suspended, even though history has proven her right. The College of Physicians has learned nothing from history. He confuses the necessary regulation of his profession with support for a policy that reduces the human being to the physiological. That this ideology allows him to logically reach absolute power is anything but a coincidence.

On the other hand, doctors who, for example, amputate penises, breasts, place teenagers under chemical castration and hormones of the opposite sex, in short, collaborate in the horrible enterprise of butchering children and teenagers of the so-called « gender reassignment » policy, are not worried at all by the Council of the Order. Of course, we would like the opposite, but our society’s characteristic is to live in inversion. Martine Wonner is a figure of resistance, but faced with people in power like Olivier Véran and others, she, like us, is powerless. Despite the fact that the facts proved the covidists wrong on all counts, Messrs. Raphaël Enthoven, Emmanuel Lechypre or the terrifying Claude Malhuret are swaggering and vituperating in the mass media. It is the spectacle of permanent immorality. The radical left is not spared with, for example, the econocrat Thomas Porcher — « I agree that we need to make the lives of the unvaccinated much more difficult »(« Les Grandes Gueules » on Patrick Drahi’s Radio Monté-Carlo », June 29, 2021) — which is still going strong on Mr. Mélenchon’s Youtube channel, The Mediaand elsewhere presenting himself as the paragon of rebelliousness to Macronism. In any case, one cannot work for the mass media without becoming a de facto soldier of Pfizer, NATO and McKinsey & Company.

However, don’t we notice in the mass media some objections to the « transexual » vogue among teenagers?

The famous psychoanalyst Jean-Pierre Winter describes a society where everything happens « as if fantasy were the law ». In this perspective, all those who remind us that reality exists are logically propelled into the position of the « reactionary ». This is the case even for the most ultra feminists who do not want in their cenacles men claiming to be women. They are forced to remind them that nature exists. They are then referred by all the morons to the « natural order » of the « fachos ». In our context, where reality has to give way to desire, they are necessarily losers.

Shouldn’t the ecologists logically be at the forefront of reminding people of the existence of nature?

It is exactly the opposite that is happening. Surprisingly, political ecology has become the spearhead of the denial of nature, especially of sexual otherness. Worse still, this institutional ecology is all wrapped up in its « totalitarian impulse » to criminalize its opponents. But we know that for the muse of Europe Ecologie-Les Verts, Mrs. Sandrine Rousseau, the public/private distinction must be abolished — which by the way is the very definition of totalitarianism. According to him, « the private sector is political » and the State must therefore impose its law. That’s why the deputy explained that she was working on a « crime of not sharing domestic tasks « . In the same vein, our representative at the National Assembly wants to regulate humor. On the Bouygues channel, which is not anecdotal, she explained that « the right to cartoon, he doesn’t make fun of black people, he doesn’t make fun of LGBT people. He doesn’t have an attitude that is a discriminatory attitude. » Which, by the way, is the most racist and « homophobic » attitude one can imagine; it presupposes that « blacks » and « LGBTs » are eternal children unfit for criticism and humor (TF1, 1er September 2021). In fact, Sandrine Rousseau is the personification of what Bernard Charbonneau called « pre-fascist ».

« Society has changed, » argued one French right-wing figure to justify his support for the inclusion of abortion in the constitution. What do you think about it?

« Abortion: the National Rally proposes to include the Veil law in the Constitution » read the France Info website on November 21, 2022. We pinch ourselves by reading the news, at least for those over 40. In the latest issue of the « catho-decreasing » magazine Limite, one can read this analysis: « The political field functions in a (…) sinister direction, because as right-wing parties are moved to the left by accepting societal change (abortion, gay marriage, PMA and soon euthanasia?), those who resist it must censor themselves or are pushed to the right. We are coming to an incredible time when some of the positions of (consistent) growth objectors push them to the right of the extreme right! Or rather in a non-lieu. Abortion is a crucial issue. It must be possible to discuss it freely. To write it into the constitution is to criminalize certain arguments. It is in principle a totalitarian approach. We can bet that once again all the Sandrine Rousseau’s will be at the head of this claim alongside the Macronists, of whom, despite a factitious opposition, they share the same understanding of the human condition.

Is this the same shift that occurred with marriage?

What the left-wing defenders of « Marriage for All » did not understand was that behind this demand was not the fight against « homophobia », quite the contrary in fact, but the denial of sexual otherness. This is essential to understand and is the essence of this claim. The marriage for all is thus the symbolic key to open the pandora’s box of all the monstrosities leading to the best of all worlds, that is to say to the techno-marketing of reproduction, PMA, GPA and other artifices. It was the same before with the PACS. Beyond the lures, this one was the pure product of liberal capitalism: it reduced a moral commitment (Bouh! Reac! Patriarchal! etc.), marriage, to a contract: « When I don’t want you anymore, I throw you out ». The institutional philosopher Sylviane Agacinski, who defended « Marriage for All » while alarmed by its consequences, is thus in the perfect position of the « watered down ». There is therefore not a tear to shed on the wife of Lionel Jospin and the attacks, censures, of which she would be currently the « victim ». On the contrary, because the great quality of the production shows that it cannot not have understood the causality of the delusions of which, rightly, it is appalled. She is the first responsible in this story. There is only laughter to oppose his complaints.

What do we wish for 2023?

If the totalitarian logic of technology marks a pause after the covid episode, let’s not have any illusions. It will impose its diktat, at forced march, at every new opportunity. Because of its size, China has become the unmanageable structure that leads the way. Bernard Charbonneau warned that there was a danger even worse than the collapse of the development society: its fulfillment. It means the reign of robots, i.e. the annihilation of the human being in favor of the reign of numbers. This is the famous « Start-up Nation » dear to Macron. Charbonneau warned us that the only way out could be death, because it is better to be a living dead than a living dead.

1 Nazism and the ideology of health: the modern avatars of human dignity André Mineau, Gilbert Larochelle, Thomas De Koninck, Revue d’Histoire de la Shoah, 1998/3 N° 164.

2 « We express our deepest regret that doctors have been guilty of numerous human rights violations, in contradiction with their duty of care, we think of the victims still alive and those who have died and we ask their forgiveness. These crimes were not the acts of isolated doctors, but were committed with the participation of prominent personalities of the Medical Association.  » declaration of the German Medical Congress, Nuremberg, May 23, 2021.

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