A great doctor has left us

While we were covering the conference on epigenetics on Tuesday, May 31, we learned that Yves Gailliez, a family doctor, died the day before, on May 30. Yves, we met him a little over a year ago, in his office, at his home.


At the time, when I asked him what a family doctor meant to him, he said,  » A family doctor, or a general practitioner, a real one, is someone who does not just repeat the scientific discourse. It is a fact that medicine, contrary to the widespread idea, is not the heir of Hippocrates. Today’s medicine is the heir of Claude Bernard, who created experimental, scientific medicine. General medicine is not science, general medicine is first of all treating people, it is first of all treating people and not diseases (…) The difference is that when you treat a patient, you do not only treat an organ, you do not only treat an organism, you treat an organism, as Lacan says, « gifted with language ». It changes everything.  »

This is the great man we met, who supported Kairos for a long time, knew the need to defend the free press and oppose all orders. We already miss him, his humanism, his holistic vision, his listening skills are also missed by his patients, who saw in him a real doctor, far from the apothecary bureaucrats, transmission belts of governmental oukases, who did not hesitate to send their patients to the « vaccine » slaughterhouse.

The funeral of Yves Gailliez took place on Tuesday June 7 at 1:15 pm at the crematorium of Uccle.

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