Complaint against 9 French « plateau doctors

The Syndicat Liberté Santé (SLS) has filed a complaint against 9 French doctors who were exposed for months on TV screens, in newspapers, on the radio… As pitchmen, they spoke as « experts », generating the fear needed to generalize the remedy they recommended, called a « vaccine ». They have thus encouraged millions of French people to be injected with an experimental product, flouting their code of ethics, for glory, ego, career… whatever, against the common good. First on the list: Professor André Grimaldi — let’s hope the Belgian stage imposters follow suit. Kairos will tell you more soon, and will gradually publish the names of each of these 9 charlatans.

The complaint against Professor André Grimaldi: 

The SLS press release: The 9 hucksters. Influential doctors: What about abuse of public credulity?

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