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5G: a summary of technological imperialism

The technocracy intends to take absolute control of world affairs. Its will to control everything, to make everything profitable by extending the market to the smallest corners of human activities, reaches heights of excess. This thirst to conquer all the territories where a little humanity still tries to take refuge is expressed in a thousand ways, but there is a technology that materializes in an exemplary way this will of total domination: the fifth generation of standards for wireless telecommunications, the ubiquitous 5G, whose transmitting antennas could be installed everywhere.

We tell you, we tell you, we tell you again and again: you can’t wait for this 5G to arrive, because with it you will be able to download a movie to your smartphone in one or two seconds (which will take you an hour and a half to watch). No ? Does this mean that you are not yet a slave to the addiction of hyperconnected technologies? Don’t worry, we’ll do everything to make sure you succumb to this other epidemic…

The trouble with these people who want to remain deaf to the siren song of limitless techno-scientific progress is that they organize resistance that slows down the expansion of the neoliberal model. Thus, there are those electro-hypersensitive people who develop more or less severe symptoms and who are more and more numerous following the intensification of the omnipresent electromagnetic wave bath. The WHO calls these sufferers victims of  » idiopathic environmental intolerance attributed to electromagnetic fields  » (IEI-CEM). The important word is idiopathic, which means  » disease or symptom whose cause could not be attributed « . Even if they have real symptoms, we will say that it is probably not from 5G or other electromagnetic waves, that it is « in their head »… Hypochondriacs to be entrusted to shrinks. Our immune system, which is particularly precious in these pandemic times, will also be affected by the waves. And all the other oppositions to 5G for health reasons will be dismissed, with the same old technique of the sowers of doubt: the promoters of generalized hyperconnection have enough means to find the mercenary scientists who will discredit the studies showing the serious health dangers of an excess of electromagnetic waves. Even if hundreds of scientists sign petitions urging the application of the precautionary principle, nothing changes: the megamachine has launched its 5G offensive and, as with tobacco or asbestos, will do everything to hide the health damage that this « progress » will cause as long as possible.

But there are also those who do not want a model of society where humans will no longer be autonomous but directed, mothered, infantilized by algorithms and machines that will do everything for them. Those have understood that 5G is an indispensable tool for the extension of the society of total control and technocratic domination at the service of the powerful. The promoters of 5G will therefore do everything to discredit these people who are a little too lucid for their taste and they will not skimp on the means. These resisters will be called backward-looking, obscurantists, bio-conservatives. But because their arguments are rational and well argued, they are convincing more and more people who appreciate other values than the ever-increasing comfort of technology dependency. Our electro-magnetizing sorcerer’s apprentices therefore imagine a clever manipulation: we will make the opponents say what they do not say. So if they question the use of 5G to track everyone and, especially these days, potential Covid-19 virus carriers, the implication is that they are saying 5G is the cause of the epidemic. As they have the control of the dominant media, this lie will be widely spread and the good people will believe that these opponents are definitely wacky people who should not be listened to…

Despite this well-orchestrated strategy by the multinationals behind this adoration for 5G, the desired consensus is still not happening. So we also use the argument used by transhumanists:  » Okay, what we’re proposing isn’t very good, but if we don’t do it, the treacherous Chinese or the American billionaires of Silicon Valley will beat us to world domination and we’ll be left behind and become « digital colonies « . This argument is repeated by Dr. Strangelove Laurent Alexandre and by the « network sociologist » Manuel Castells who, last year, was already looking forward to the arrival of 5G, and proposed a great idea to face the « Chimerica »:  » And yet, the possibilities are immense. Why can’t we take advantage of 5G to develop the so-called welfare state in Europe? « (Le Soir, June 19, 2019). Without seeming to worry about it, he admitted later that the cocktail of waves will go  » until the maximum saturation « ! As many of our fellow citizens are not interested in adopting the authoritarian lifestyles of the Middle Kingdom or the every man for himself approach of Uncle Sam, this argument is not very convincing either. As for the hypothetical return to the welfare state, this is a sales pitch that is as demagogic as it is undesirable, given that this historical political form has also played its role in the advent of the industrial and bureaucratic civilization that we know and suffer.

This leaves cunning and force. Faced with a public opinion more and more reticent to the false discourse of the prophets of happiness by the submission to the techniques imposed without asking the opinion of the citizens, it is necessary to advance quickly. Advisory committees are therefore created to advise policy. They will be composed of scientific experts who, by chance, come mostly from the multinationals that promote 5G. And since politicians are rarely scientists, they will be easily fooled and will accept to give free rein to those who promise many jobs via the growth of new objects: autonomous electric cars, billions of connected objects which, thanks to the « indispensable » 5G, will free the stupid humans from all the somewhat concrete tasks they still have to perform. All will be kings… lazy.

Realizing that the more citizens are informed, the more they will reject 5G and its world, these proponents are trying to urgently apply the The shock strategy described by Naomi Klein: taking advantage of the disarray of populations during a crisis (here the pandemic in Covid-19) to surreptitiously advance their pawns. For example, the BIPT (Belgian Institute of Postal Services and Telecommunications) is trying to push through « interim » standards enabling 5G, when only a full government can do that. Similarly, Proximus wanted to launch quasi-5G « experiments » in 30 municipalities with some modification of 4G. Fortunately, Louvain-la-Neuve, followed by others, prohibited this fraudulent maneuver, making the indelicate telephone operator… of which the Belgian State is the majority shareholder. Unscrupulous companies dare to do anything, that’s how you can recognize them.

Faced with the capacity to amplify untruths through advertising and the media integrated into the technological system, the opponents of this tip of the iceberg of technological imperialism that is 5G have a voice that is hardly heard. They only have facts and arguments (scientific, political, ethical) to oppose the steamroller of false promises of the merchants of connected illusions who are only henchmen at the service of the most unbridled productivism. These are the facts that you will find detailed in the following pages.

Alain Adriaens and Bernard Legros

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