When climate policy worsens the biodiversity crisis

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INTERVIEW WITH INÈS TRÉPANT* On the sidelines of a conference of the Groupe de réflexion et d’action pour une politique écologique (Group for reflection and action for an ecological policy) in which she participated(1), Inès Trépant granted us this interview devoted to the contradictions inherent in the « green » and digital transition in the European productivist framework. Nicolas Chalupa You wish to draw our attention to some blind spots in the European Green Pact… This Pact, whose objective is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, is presented as the guiding principle of all current European policy. It entails a revision of all EU sectoral policies, mainly in the field of energy and the environment. In addition, the war in Ukraine is accelerating the EU’s desire to ensure its energy autonomy from fossil fuels and Russia. For this, it has decided to put the turbo on renewable energies. However, if Europe wants to be the world leader in the fight against global warmin …
Notes et références
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