21 décembre 2022

Over a million Americans have died suddenly since COVID jab rollout, secret CDC report reveals

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More than one million Americans have died suddenly since the COVID vaccine was rolled out, a secret CDC report reveals.

The United States recently surpassed the population benchmark of 330 million. Unfortunately, more than one million of our patriotic countrymen have died suddenly after receiving the COVID vaccine. And that number came straight from the pens of CDC’s public relations specialists.

The CDC’s not-so-secret report reveals that more than 1.1 million hardworking Americans died suddenly after the COVID vaccine was rolled out. The report is confirmed by a separate government report that proves COVID vax is the cause of sudden deaths. These reports are incredibly tragic, especially considering that the alleged purpose of COVID vax was to reduce the rapid spike in deaths rather than catalyze these unfortunate events. Excess mortality has skyrocketed since the U.S. government forced millions of Americans to obtain experimental gene therapy Look closely at the reports referenced above, and you’ll find that the CDC coyly admits that more than six million U.S. citizens died after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provided emergency clearance for the use of COVID vax in the last month of 2020. Yet, shockingly, the country has set a record for deaths since then.

Compare the number of sudden deaths during the period mentioned above to those in the half-decade between 2015 and 2019, and you will find a rather stark contrast. The number of sudden deaths since the federal government licensed the COVID vaccine is more than 1 million higher than in the five years between 2015 and 2019. Mortality rates are highest among COVID patients Continue to dissect the numbers provided by the CDC, and you will find even more startling truths. Federal government figures show that mortality rates per 100,000 people are highest among the vaxxed population in all age cohorts.

It is clear that the clotting shot is a large part of the reason for the increase in sudden deaths, if not the only reason. The United States has seen a significant number of excessive and unnecessary deaths throughout the year, which is coming to an end. More people died in 21 after the distribution of COVID injections than in the previous year before the federal government promoted the clot vaccine. Add up the numbers for ’21; Excess deaths are nearly 674,000 more than those in the half-decade between ’15 and ’19. Older baby boomers are particularly vulnerable

It’s no secret that the immune system weakens in late adulthood. However, it is interesting to note that baby boomers are particularly vulnerable to the vaccine. In contrast, those in the relatively young age groups of 18–39 and 60–69 who are partially and doubly vaxxed are more likely to die than non-vaxxed since the beginning of the year. In addition, people in the above age groups who have been triple-vaxxed are also more likely to die than non-vaxxed. Older baby boomers aged 70–79 are 332% more likely to die suddenly than those who are not vaxxed in the same age range. People aged 80–89 years and double vaxxed are more than 200% more likely to die than non-vaxxed people in the same age range.

What makes the federal government’s push for mandatory clot injections even more demonic is the fact that people who were partially vaxxed in their 80s were nearly 700% more likely to die than non-vaxxed octogenarians. Some people reading this information may ask, « Why are we bothering to publish this news? » Our answer is simple: most people make the decision to accept these Covid mRNA injections without informed consent. And, to make matters worse, these same people are never encouraged to boost immune function through lifestyle changes (i.e. how to get better sleep) and to consume more immune-boosting nutrients. Let’s not forget that a healthy immune system is our best defense against any disease.

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