24 octobre 2022

Iranians write their history

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If the video of Blast on Iran, shared recently in our « Vu ailleurs » section, opened a perspective, it was also and above all placed in the usual discourse of the West, smelling in full nose, beyond the remarkable struggle of women, the implementation of a well known process of destabilization of a country and regime. When the Iranian sociologist, director of research, interviewed by Blast, explains what to think of all that is happening in Iran, a country « that has the audacity to get closer to Russia and China, supports Hezbollah and the Syrians at war », etc… it is strangely reminiscent of the Maïdan and the revolutions of color, controlled from the outside. The article by Michèle Janss published in Investigaction does not omit this dimension and asks the essential question: does the West really give a damn about the Iranian people? 

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