Understanding what is happening in Syria

Interview de Nabil antaki, médecin vivant à Alep

In the waltz of information and disinformation, it has become delicate to expose points of view that are different from the mainstream. Like all media information, these offbeat views must also be considered with the appropriate critical distance. However, they have the right to be heard and it would be wrong to censor them in the name of some media self-righteousness that is only a cover for Western interests. Kairos is looking for the truth, without being sure to find it. The quest is as exciting as it is potentially endless.

The current situation, what is happening in Aleppo at the moment, can be enlightened by this interview with Nabil Antaki, a doctor living in Aleppo, as we spoke to him before the major intervention in the city. The quality of the recording is not the best, but we think the things said will counteract that.

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