Today, we vaccinate at school. But you have the choice not to be « supportive ».

This October 21st, from 10 am to 3 pm, we will be vaccinating at the Athénée des Pagodes, an establishment under the authority of the city of Brussels. As it has been since the beginning of the Covid era, parents, pupils, students, teachers are « free » to be vaccinated or not, but if they refuse they will be deprived of access to cinemas, libraries, cafes, restaurants, theaters, sports halls, swimming pools, vacations… They will be able to choose the alternative of the PCR test… expensive and to be repeated every 72 hours.

Vaccination ads follow the logic of marketing, designed to persuade the subject to buy the product while leaving him/her with the illusion that it is only information and that he/she has the choice to refuse the product. The mental manipulation, blackmail, threat and guilt that have accompanied the propaganda for almost two years, no longer allow to grasp the absurd, creating mental confusion:  » To better find each other, let’s protect ourselves, let’s vaccinate (…) Are you already vaccinated? Congratulations! Every dose makes a difference! Still hesitating to get vaccinated? That’s understandable. It is normal to ask questions. You can discuss your concerns with your doctor or pharmacist. We encourage you to talk to them. This way, you can make a choice based on reliable information « .

This excerpt is taken from a leaflet distributed to all mailboxes in the municipality of Watermael-Boitsfort and announcing the arrival of a Vacci-bus on October 20 from 2 to 7 pm. His words illustrate a form of madness whose beginnings were already present for a long time in our sick societies, but whose current generalization, carried by the public authorities, constitutes an unprecedented form of complete absorption of the subject in the state-private matrix.

« For it is only by reconciling contradictions that one keeps power indefinitely. The endless cycle could not be broken otherwise. If equality between men is to be outlawed forever, if the upper class, as it has been called, wants to retain its supremacy, then the prevailing mood must be one of controlled insanity. » 

George Orwell, 1984

Read the contradictions inherent in the proposals contained in the leaflet:

- By vaccinating yourself, you are showing altruism, allowing society to protect itself and people to find themselves;

- The political body congratulates you on making the right choice;

- We understand [feint de comprendre] however that you do not understand, that you wonder;

- You are invited to discuss it with an « expert », that role you have always known, sitting on a school bench, under the weight of the omniscient authority, the one who has understood in front of the ignorant. 

- This expert will help you  » make a choice based on reliable information « . And this is the perversity of the narrative: if the one who vaccinates is declared a good social subject, the supposedly reliable information given by the expert can only go in this direction. The « informed choice » is therefore only that of following what the public authority recommends. So it’s not really a choice. This is pure manipulation.

When lying becomes the norm

« When everyone lies to you all the time, the result is not that you believe the lies, but that no one believes anything anymore. A people that cannot believe anything can’t form an opinion. They are deprived not only of their capacity to act, but also of their capacity to think and to judge. And with such a people, you can do whatever you want.

Hannah Arendt

Lying in the face of simple evidence becomes the norm. Thus, when parents express their indignation when a school principal decides to vaccinate children in the very place where they are learning, he makes a totally specious comparison:  » It is not the school that vaccinates, but it serves as a place made available to the department of school medicine. In the same way that the school serves as a voting place during elections « .

Response of the school director to a parent’s letter

Obviously, « offering » students as young as 12 to be inoculated with an experimental product for a virus with a very low lethality rate has nothing to do with making one’s establishment available to allow people to vote. In the first case, we touch the minds in the hope that the presence in the school promotes the « founded choice », and we touch the bodies of those who do it. This has a direct impact on those (the students) who occupy the building and who are the foundation of its raison d’être (the school), creating obvious behavioral and relational changes in the group(1). Therefore, if in the case of the intramural vaccination the building is essential, because of the public to which it is usually dedicated (students), in the case of the elections, the building is quite secondary, which explains why the places dedicated to the votes can be sheds, sport halls, tents… the surface of the place being the essential criterion.

We could multiply the examples, but you know them, if you are still capable of lucidity. All these political and media discourses highlight this doublethink proper to the world of 1984, leaving the illusion of choice where the coercive context is much closer to obligation. Because you don’t have to have a gun to your head to start talking about constraint. Having created a way of life and its needs, to condition the continuity of this type of existence to the act of vaccination is a form of injunction, insidious certainly, but real.

« Knowing without knowing, being aware of the whole truth while telling cleverly constructed lies. To maintain two antithetical opinions at the same time, with equal conviction. Playing logic against logic, flouting morality while claiming it, believing democracy to be impossible and designating the Party as its guardian, forgetting what needs to be forgotten, then recovering the memory if necessary, only to forget it again. And above all, to apply this treatment to the process itself: to induce unconsciousness knowingly, and to repress the act of self-hypnosis in which one has just indulged — the height of subtlety. To understand the word « doublethink », one must be able to « doublethink » oneself » 

George Orwell, 1984

The procedure was perfect. They created a context (confinements, curfews, masks…), naturally generating the associated psychic disorders and the desire to get out. They then offered their « solution » (vaccination), already thought of before the seriousness of the disease was known (and developed when it was discovered that it was not so lethal), and then divided society into two groups, vaccinated and unvaccinated, reducing those who refused the official voice to the second group. From there, they conditioned « the return to normal life » and « the maintenance of economic and social life » to the possession of a Pass that could only be obtained by being vaccinated (Covid Safe Ticket in Belgium — CST)(2). The disappearance of the nightmarish reality that the politicians have produced has thus become conditional on the goodwill of the people. There has been a tremendous reversal of causality: from political to individual. As the politician was no longer responsible for what he had put in place, it was now up to individuals to get vaccinated in order to obtain the CST and « save society ». This is a deeply perverse process, since a state conceals its omnipotence behind individual responsibility, disseminating it to each of its subjects while still promising them that they are free. This is a specific feature of totalitarianism.

« Every citizen, or at least every citizen important enough to be watched, could be placed twenty-four hours a day under the gaze of the police and within earshot of official propaganda — to the exclusion of all other channels of communication. Imposing complete obedience to the will of the state, but also perfect uniformity of opinion on all subjects, became possible for the first time. » 

George Orwell, 1984

This process of mass manipulation that leads to a collective delirium also proves that we are not in a dangerous pandemic situation. Because people, who are responsible if necessary, would take the appropriate measures without coercion in a serious situation. Today, on the contrary, most of them vaccinate themselves not because they are afraid of the virus, but because they are afraid of not returning to the life they had before(3): they flee, annihilating their free will to hope to live again. 

« Orthodoxy is not to think. To not need to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.

George Orwell, 1984

Thus, we perceive the confusion and suffering of people who are vaccinated, having no will of their own to do so, but doing it to escape the measures enacted by the State. This is a sign of a complete loss of autonomy, with the subject taking sole responsibility for the collective. The political responsibilities have dissipated, the chain of responsibility has stopped at the subject, alone, after having been masked, confined, subjected to social distancing, but nobody above is responsible anymore — the director obeys his supervisory power, the supervisory power to the minister, the minister to his party, to the government, the government to the multinationals… 

But these daily « choices » to accept everything that the governments dictate to us sign the mental submission that prefigures the next resignations, it is the phenomenon of the « step in the door »: to have tolerated the less leads us to tolerate the worst.

We must change the perspective from which we decide: no longer accept the worst in order to return to an illusory freedom (vacations, etc.), but refuse from the outset what is imposed on us and organize our lives from there. Everything had to be changed, we didn’t want this world of inequality, destruction of nature and suffering anymore.

It’s time, isn’t it?

Notes et références
  1. Il suffit pour cela d’imaginer la position de ceux qui ne se font pas vacciner par rapport aux autres – alors que l’administration scolaire disait se battre contre les discriminations à l’école…µ
  2. De fait, le CST remplit uniquement cette fonction, pousser les plus récalcitrants à se faire vacciner. Elle n’a aucun rôle en termes de santé publique. Ce serait le cas, le dialogue autour de la réelle gravité du covid serait accepté, ainsi que sur les effets secondaires des vaccins.
  3. Ce qui dans tous les cas n’aura jamais lieu.

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