They are afraid that you are not afraid

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Agitate the people before using them


The coronavirus, a scapegoat served on a golden platter (economic situation obliges). What they couldn’t get because of our reluctance, they will get because of the fear of coronavirus, and you will ask for more:

  • Management by fear, testing the docility of the people, closing the borders, filing the refractory;
  • Muzzling of social revolts;
  • Impulse of digital schools;
  • 5g under the pretext of health emergency and network saturation;
  • Elimination of cash;
  • Generalized surveillance using geolocation, drones, etc..;
  • Automation and AI;
  • Vaccination;
  • Mass unemployment —> transfer of wage costs from large companies to the community;
  • Scapegoat for the stock market crash;
  • Locking Europe with American weapons (Nato) under American command(1);
  • Praise for the ultra-centralized Chinese political model;
  • etc…

To top it all off, if we make it through, a good Stockholm syndrome! While those responsible for this sanitary situation (among others), the very ones who govern us, through their propaganda channels. They will tell us what to do with a « war » of delay, denigrating the advice of Dr. Raoult on this subject, which dates back a few weeks already, which advocated a generalized screening(2). But with that, no containment, so no shock… These are the same people who pretend to be in opposition(3).


  • The world is under the domination of the banking system, despite those who still believe in the independence of central banks and monetary policies;
  • Europe is sinking more and more into a « war game » under American domination directed against Russia and much more dangerous than a coronavirus;
  • The states instrumentalize and finance international terrorism.(4);
  • Basic infrastructures are on the verge of collapse (bridges, schools, nuclear power plants, dams)(5);
  • Risk of civil war in the US and its repercussions at the global level(6);
  • Continuity of the 2008 crisis and whose imminent crash would mark the breaking point(7).

For the coincidence theorists, here is a small visionary message from our dear Attali, the man of the « shadow » of the presidents, in 2009: « a small pandemic will allow the establishment of a world government(8)!

We won’t dwell on globalists such as Bill Gates, who own almost all the wealth on the planet (if not the planet), and their eugenicist views and their desire for depopulation… their links with pharmaceutical companies(9); public-private alliances(10); military programs (revealed)(11).

we will also pass : 

  • The risk of chemical weapons pollution in the North Sea(12);
  • nuclear power plants(13);
  • The dangers of nuclear weapons(14);
  • Organ trafficking;
  • Pedocriminal networks (in the highest spheres of power);
  • The Zionist messianic mafia state;
  • The risks of a Middle East conflagration;
  • Resource depletion and pollution;
  • The stranglehold of the pharmaceutical complex, the military-industrial complex etc… on the political world(15);
  • The 6th mass extinction;
  • Development of Artificial Intelligence (if we can’t find any of the natural human ones).

Our will to dominate other peoples, nature, the universe (who knows if we had had more time), will have allowed us to die in a hara-kiri without any honor. I have often been asked why I read anxiety-provoking articles. Better to live a waking nightmare. The dose will make the psychic poison. The confinement acts the reunification of the body and the spirit.

Spirit confined in a television, disguising the nightmare in dream until the last recalcitrants with the help of chemical straitjackets. One could have hoped for an awakening, the alarm clock having already sounded a long time ago, but confined to the house the propaganda will be administered by force-feeding. Jacky and Michel will see to it…

For the ecologists of the last hour, opportunism betraying only their own anguish of death due to the return of reality, who see in the confinement a beginning of slowing down of capitalism; that they do not rejoice too quickly. Many of them will end up as compost for the pasha mama

Natural virus? Opportunistic recovery from a virus? Military manufacture ? In a world where reality has been pulverized(16). Magnificent staging, magnificent stringing.

You will therefore allow me to question the official speeches(17). Served by the political and journalistic caste in view of their most disastrous CVs. The same people who have participated in, justified and financed imperialist wars under the guise of humanitarian missions (using highly sophisticated social engineering, among other things(18)).

Not to mention the tax havens, the instrumentalization of the climate, the famines, the economic crises, the enslavement of humanity… We are victims of a democratic robbery! They have no legitimacy! They belong in prison!

Going to vote only serves to validate their democratic sham and is only the signing of your death certificate! You will allow me to be joyful and not to swallow your sinister, terrorizing lessons! Because this ongoing collapse is a salvation.

More than half of humanity is starving, let’s join them!

Do not forget: « He who fears to suffer, already suffers from what he fears » (Michel de Montaigne).

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