There are things that the authorities cannot hear — Chronology of a state censorship

Since April 15 and « the politically biased question, which is not the habit of journalists », according to Wilmès, I have been banned from press conferences. It is not unusual, however, to ask for the legitimacy of a government in which many of its members work or have worked for health-related multinationals. It is the answer — which we obviously did not expect — that is extraordinary, because in fact there is no answer (this is rhetoric), because an answer would mean that the debate could take place. When you don’t ask politicians what they want to hear, as journalists usually do, you are no longer allowed to ask them questions — and for that, they have to find excuses. We have learned one thing since then, for those who did not know it or still doubted it: we are tolerated as long as we remain spectators (and consumers, which is more or less the same). If we get up from the seat, they get scared.

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