Their refusal to allow us to attend the next press conference

April 20, 14:37 — Mail from Alexandre Penasse to Steve Detry, spokesperson for Minister Sophie Wilmès

« Hello,
I will be present at the Sophie Wilmès’ press release of this Friday, April 24. 
Could you take note of it and keep me informed of the schedules and the place?

Alexandre Penasse  »

April 20, 2:59 PM — Response from Steve Detry

« Hello,

As announced last time, we are proceeding « in pool » in view of the limited access to the conference room of the press with regard to social distancing measures.

Your colleagues must also have access to the room press release. The teams are rotating.

As already mentioned, the content is available, live, on internet.

If you have a question, I will invites you to get organized with your fellow journalists. He It is customary for some journalists to also ask a question for another essay.

It is also possible for us to to be passed on at a later date ».


Spokesperson — Woordvoerder — Sprecher


April 18, 3:42 PM — Alexandre Penasse’s answer

« Sir Detry,

We warn you at the journalists’ union and inform them of this refusal to attend the press conference the thousands of people who follow us ». 

Alexandre Penasse

Especially all to make sure that we don’t understand

Here is their democracy. We disturbed their little show between friends, their circus that they want us to believe. 

During the last press conference, they did everything to prevent me from entering the « bunker » (more details in an article to come); Sophie Wilmès interrupted me to reduce my question; I was not able to ask a second question, unlike other journalists… Today, the Minister’s spokesperson can no longer be reached by phone…

I have only seen no professional solidarity at the last conference of press, following my question, of course… No support official of any media, since April 15. And he would like us to believe that « another essay » is going to pose our question!

Demand that the free press be allowed to ask questions. Demand freedom of information!

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