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Response to the statements of Mr. Egbert Lachaert of 27/12/2021: Open VLD in favor of a vaccine pass — « It is the only solution ».

Dear Mr. Lachaert,

On December 27, you wrote: « As Prime Minister De Croo has often said: tying someone up to vaccinate them, we don’t want that. A liberal cannot support such a thing. It is also unworkable in practice. That is why a 1G policy is the best solution. »

The more we reread your words, the more ambiguous we find them. First of all, the very idea of mentioning this possibility (tying up to vaccinate) when vaccination remains an individual choice already smacks of a threat.

Then, the famous personal benefit/risk balance, which should be the basis of vaccination, is simply swept aside.

A threat, even if formulated in a negative way, is still a threat. Moreover, tying people up for forced vaccination does not seem to be the real barrier: rather, it seems to be the implementation that is the problem. It is not a question of philosophy, nor even of ethics, but of logistics: since this idea is unworkable in practice, it cannot be supported.

It is obvious that the alternative proposed to this physical threat (the 1G policy, which consists in taking away all freedom from unvaccinated people), is the opposite of the « liberal » political label of the Prime Minister, since the vaccine dogma seems to be stronger than our individual liberties.

It is paradoxical to see a liberal party like the Open VLD, which claims to respect individual liberties, move towards massive and forced vaccination for all.

The height of this paradox can be read from the very first lines: « Prime Minister Alexander De Croo sees a 1G policy as the only solution to avoid imposing vaccination on Belgians, while at the same time advancing the vaccination campaign. »

The 1G policy is an indirect way to impose vaccination on Belgians. However, vaccination coverage (as of December 22, 2021) for women aged 18 years and older was 88.25% and 87.78% for men. The majority of Belgians are already vaccinated. 

Remember what the experts said in May 2021: « A vaccination coverage between 80 and 90% would be ideal (and not 70% as initially announced by the government) » estimated the Flemish vaccinologists Corinne Vandermeulen and Pierre Van Damme, as well as Muriel Moser, immunologist at the ULB and Sabine Stordeur, co-responsible of the « vaccination task force ». Here we are, the objectives have been met!

This is an unexpected result when we know that vaccination was free and open for elderly and at-risk people. But obviously this is not enough, more is needed. Here you are, calling for the heads of our children, who are in no way at risk, with the sole and unique argument that the vaccination of children could limit transmissions within the population, whereas the latter is 88% vaccinated, and continues to propagate who knows what exactly, while imagining itself protected.

Threats, inconsistencies and lies (the vaccine was supposed to allow us to get out of the crisis, and with only two doses…), this is the discourse of the Open VLD that contaminates the ruling class.

Are we in science or in dogma? Are we seeing the birth of a new religion?

Is it only a story about mutant villains? Or a story about the effectiveness of vaccines? Or an organized coup in which politicians are the servants?

The CEO of BioNTech, the laboratory behind Pfizer, interviewed by Le Monde on December 20, 2021, said, « We have to be aware that even triple vaccinated people are likely to transmit the disease, and we’re going to have to test them, especially around vulnerable people. » These neo-vaccines do not prevent transmission, and protect only those who are vulnerable to severe forms, and only inconsistently and transiently. Moreover, the vaccine manufacturers themselves advertise fluctuating efficacy rates of 90% or less, implying that even when vaccinated, severe forms of the disease can develop.

The all-vaccine approach no longer holds. What argument do you have left, really?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

The citizen collectives (*) ALPHA Citizens, Les Belges se réveillent, ZONE LIBRE, Bon Sens Belgique, Belgium United For Freedom, Responsible Rebels, Indépendants Citoyens,

(*) These citizens’ groups have joined together to get away from the single-mindedness that seems to prevail since the beginning of this covid crisis, where all public debate has been ruled out. Their intention is to inform citizens about all the data that is not published by the mainstream media, and to challenge the latter to bring worthy debates back into the public sphere.

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