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The pinball strategy

The strategy of most policy makers can be summed up in one sentence « I want to freak you out like a pinball to get into one funnel, the vaccination funnel ». There is a character from the Commedia dell’arte, Pantalone, who is ready to suggest this fear and offer you his favorite solution. By sending such a deadly message, a nocebo effect is potentially possible(1) and medically unacceptable.

This strategy of fear and funneling is called, in other words, manipulation and abuse of weakness. Manipulation occurs when someone makes someone else do something, without explicitly asking them to do it. Mass manipulation can be like a large-scale Milgram experiment. The abuse of weakness can be defined as a coercion that forces someone (in this case a whole population) to do something without their fundamental will, by taking advantage of their ignorance or physical or mental weakness. Usually, sects are prosecuted for abuse of weakness…

Some examples of abuse of weakness:

  • You want to live like before without constraints? So get vaccinated!
  • Do you want your freedom back (when they took it from you and you’re crying for it back)? So get vaccinated!
  • You don’t want to be plagued by family and work anymore? So get vaccinated!
  • Aren’t you tired of being tested to go out, to go on vacation, etc? So get vaccinated!
  • Still want your kids to participate in their sports activities and get into their gym? So get vaccinated!
  • Rapid tests used to be valid for 48 hours; now it’s only 24 hours. So get vaccinated!!!
  • You want to renew your pass in 6 months? So get vaccinated!
  • You have done the COVID-19 in 2020, certified by a blood test but the authorities, the experts have decided that this is not enough to have a COVID Safe ticket. People who have done the COVID-19 do not participate in the herd immunity… It is estimated that in 2020, 1 million people in Belgium have done the COVID-19. 25% of the blood donors at the Red Cross have encountered the COVID-19 virus, 15% of the blood donors in Flanders and Wallonia are also immune to the COVID-19 virus. These people are not included in the immunization calculations… Why, we don’t know, but it is not science. So get vaccinated without understanding anything!
  • You are in an age group with low mortality but you want to continue to live socially, to meet your friends, then get vaccinated, no matter that the benefit-risk is almost zero!
  • Aren’t you tired of wearing a mask at school, in the stores, etc.? So get vaccinated!

Politicians will force you to vaccinate without them taking responsibility for the side effects because there is no legal obligation to vaccinate. Even if there would be a legal obligation to vaccinate, we wish you a good time to have the side effects recognized… The pharmacovigilance is already not up to the task and one of the few times I reported a side effect in 2009, the Belgian pharmacovigilance body, FAMHP, lost my notification… I strongly doubt that it was unintentional because it was the first side effect reported to the World. The international sanitary regulation(2) foresees in such a case that the whole planet and all the countries of the world should be warned…

What is curious is that there is another funnel that experts and policy makers ignore or pretend to ignore: the funnel of COVID-19 treatment. Since when is there only one way to Rome (to recovery)?

Quirico Blonda

Notes et références
  1. Dans la littérature médicale scientifique, cela s’appelle un effet nocebo à la suite d’une mauvaise nouvelle.
  2. L’objet et la portée du Règlement sanitaire international (2005) consistent à « prévenir la propagation internationale des maladies, à s’en protéger, à la maîtriser et à y réagir par une action de santé publique proportionnée et limitée aux risques qu’elle présente pour la santé publique, en évitant de créer des entraves inutiles au trafic et au commerce internationaux ». (voir : https://www.who.int/fr/publications-detail/9789241580496)

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