It was known that funeral events were not very conducive to a healthy frankness and that with the deceased also frequently left the truth. White and immaculate shroud in day of mourning. No stains therefore, and the disappearance of Armand De Decker is no exception in this respect.

The death of the public man serves here as a perfect figure of the omerta of our political mafias, whose scene is made possible by the media, and offers one of those rare occasions of a practical application of this political theory that is not taught at the university. This is where it gets particularly interesting, because the way the death of Armand De Decker is treated informs us about the relationship of the state and its institutions to truth, justice and crime. Indeed, instead of remaining confined to the intramural recollection of the cemetery and the church, the spectacle of the « good man » comes out of the private place and is offered to the public, relayed to all those beings who knew the name but did not know the man, and thus becomes all the more unhealthy. Indeed, it is no longer the vices and defects that are concealed so as not to hurt the one who can no longer defend himself, but the crimes that are concealed and that, while remaining concealed, have had and will have effects on reality.

National funeral and military tribute for the political underworld

On June 20, a state funeral was held for Armand De Decker, with a military detachment honoring his body upon its arrival. Present, his enemies, his friends, his family. If one understands that he paid for the others, and that after the strass and the spangles, it was the abandonment and the silence, one can understand that the greatness of the event is inversely proportional to the silence of the months preceding his death, this last one signing from then on the occasion of a « big party » for some. Apotheosis, because what leaves with Armand De Decker, are all his secrets concerning the Kazakhgate, and, with them, the possible and more than probable implications: a coup like that, it is not done alone(1)… It is therefore not a paranoid access that makes us interpret certain snatches of speech heard during the last tributes:  » You did not have the grace to be a father, your children could have relayed your anger  » (his brother, Jacques De Decker). Whatever our feelings about man, paying alone for others always induces something like injustice and anger. Remember the playground when you were little…

Political funerals are also the occasion to gather the crabs and build the basket: it stinks of affectation, it smiles above and pinches under the table, stilted, false and empty. The hypocrisy of those who only yesterday were stabbing people in the back, is commonplace. Their praise is commensurate with the network they have built and the ties that bind them: « I know this about you and I won’t say anything because you know so much about me. More than paying a last tribute, we also come to bury the secrets, and, why not, to prepare new moves. Armand De Decker knew a lot, it is obvious. And it is probably necessary to see, more than in the ultimate praises, a deep thankfulness for the future peaceful years that the death of the man will allow to some living.  » We owe you. Our friendship goes beyond death ».Herman Van Rompuy will say. Sure. Didier Reynders could say as much, but especially more, as he is at the center of everything. The release of these crimes those who could, like him, see themselves tightened for theirs.

The opportune disappearance

According to our information, Armand De Decker died of respiratory insufficiency, but some people in the hospitals are wondering about the real reason of his death… they talk about Charcot’s disease, curious isn’t it, when we know the degeneration it causes? Anyway, for the moment, this disappearance could not have come at a better time, because new revelations about Kazakhgate and Didier Reynders, in the running to become the future Secretary General of the Council of Europe, would have certainly ruined the hopes of seeing him win the position against Ms. Marija Pejcinovic Buric, whose results are expected this Wednesday, June 26. At the same time, this sublime opportunity to leave Belgian politics for good on October1st, 2019, and thus, a bit like Armand, but without dying, to seize impunity, with the great European departure and its all-inclusive 30.000 €/month + immunity, would have been gone.

The fact that Armand De Decker is going to the left ensures that Reynders and his clique will have CDDs. But don’t read anything into it, sometimes chance is good, isn’t it? A few hours after his death, the press was already saying:  » Kazakhgate: the death of Armand De Decker puts an end to the proceedings… and to the investigation?  » (Le Soir);  » The public action concerning Armand De Decker is extinguished  » (La Meuse);« The public action concerning Armand De Decker in the Kazakhgate case is extinguished  » (Sud Info);  » The public action concerning Armand De Decker in the Kazakhgate case is extinguished  » (La Libre), … Their eagerness to declare the file closed had almost hints of joyful relief. With the man, the press and the political world buried his truths.

Eric Arthur Parme

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