The arbitrariness of the definition of « essential » — Politics above the law

We were again present this Friday, January 22, at the press conference following the Consultation Committee. We were able to ask two questions. The first question concerned the criteria for defining an « essential » service, and whether the Open Vld New Year’s party was essential(1).

Listen to the « answer » of the Prime Minister: they have nothing to reproach, everything was done according to the rules in force. It is simply a lie: no masks, no distancing, no respect of the bubble, concert in a closed place… For those who would like to organize a concert, without mask, with zakouzkis and sparkling wine, no problem. What is very significant in these privileges that they grant themselves, is that we can see the fact that they do not believe themselves in the dangers they say they want to protect us from: they are not afraid to catch the coronavirus! 

The third question will be impossible… « You have already asked two »…(2)

Notes et références
  2. Deux vidéos suivront: la première avec la seconde question, la troisième où l’on voit comment le journaliste de Kairos se fait éconduire.

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