Support our book project: « Covid-19: beyond censorship

Le Grappe, Kairos and several authors have initiated a publication project entitled (tentatively) « Covid-19: Beyond Censorship ».

Are you worried about the political management of the covid crisis? Do you want to contribute to the maintenance of a citizen debate? You may ask: « What about cost/benefit calculations of measures? What future for democracy? What about vaccinating younger people? »

PLEASE HELP US FINANCE THIS PUBLICATION which, with your help, will be published in September 2021. 

The crowdfunding has started: we have 45 days (until August 15th) to collect the desired amount (otherwise everything will be cancelled and we will receive nothing). 

We are asking for a minimum of 6000€, but the ideal would be to obtain 20.000€.

You can find the call for contributions here: Grappe/Kairos Collective Publication « Covid-19: Beyond Censorship » by GrappeKairos — KissKissBankBankFeel free to DIFFUSE it to anyone who might be interested in this project. 

Thank you for your support!…/publication-grappe…

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