Of what (anti)political form is covidism the name?

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To open this contribution, I will ask: what (anti)political form is covidism? ( Covidism is the way governments deal with the epidemic). With this in mind, Kairos interviewed three special witnesses — special because they came from the former GDR, Ceausescu’s Romania and Pinochet’s Chile. The question was whether they saw any resemblance between their country of origin and the covidist West. Kairos asks me for a philosophical contextualization of the three testimonies. Let’s say from the outset that the words of Maria, Anke and Jorge are very revealing, and it is out of the question for me to propose a contextualization « from above »: I see it rather as a « sideways » illumination, as a proposal of interpretation that can be discussed and enriched. This proposal is presented in the form of a small lexicon (whose entries come directly or indirectly from the three witnesses). QUESTIONING, THINKING: people, say Maria and Anke, do not think anymore, do not question themselves, do not …
  1. Ceci n’est pas une crise sanitaire, brochure édité par la Lenteur, Matthieu Amiech.

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