Mosquirix and artemisia: the double scandal!

Press conference this 28/10/2021, in Namur 

On October 6, WHO recommended Mosquirix vaccine for the prevention of malaria in Africa in children living in areas of moderate to high transmission. The efficacy of this vaccine is low, decreases sharply over time, and the results of real-world vaccination have revealed multiple toxicity data, as well as ethical, scientific, medical, procedural, and legal irregularities in the experiments and pilot vaccination programs on hundreds of thousands of African children. This recommendation, which is scientifically unjustifiable, is simply unacceptable, as was the favourable opinion of the European Medicines Agency for a use of this vaccine in non-EU children. This WHO recommendation is all the more questionable since Artemisia afra tea, a local and legal plant in Africa, has demonstrated a prophylactic and therapeutic efficacy of more than 90% in double-blind and randomized clinical studies in a dozen African countries, without any side effects or toxicity noted to date.

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