Jaak Raes, the boss of the Sûreté, must learn to read!

The administrator of State Security, our civilian intelligence service, has just given an interview to Humo magazine. He answers questions from journalist Jan Antonissen on many hot and even explosive topics. Among these, it confirms the purchase by the Belgian state of a 23-story tower opposite the North Station in Brussels for the modest sum of 370 million. It is called Möbius II. It is intended to house the State Security from 2025.

Möbius II. 

The contract was awarded without tender and under pressure. « The parliament approved the purchase in one day and the state secretary for the budget, Eva De Bleeker (Open VLD), thought it was too fast » (1). Many criticisms can be made of this decision, which is eerily reminiscent of the decision to move the federal police a few years ago. 

On the ground, it can be seen that the building has underground parking lots which are an ideal target for terrorists who could drive a vehicle loaded with explosives close to the very foundations of the building. It’s funny because the justification for the federal police moving was precisely the fact that their parking lots would no longer be in the foundations of their new headquarters, given the risk of attacks.

One of the garage accesses. 

We can also see that this building is ideally located in the axis of one of the runways of the airport of Zaventem. A possible plane piloted by kamikazes would have a very short flight before reaching Möbius II.

We are interested in the current owners of Möbius II.

Indeed, recent history has shown that it is important for a critical infrastructure such as the Sûreté to know what is going on in the construction site of its future headquarters. For example, the headquarters of the Council of Ministers of the European Union, a building named after Justus Lipsius, was literally stuffed with microphones by a foreign intelligence service, as revealed by Le Figaro on March 19, 2006 (2).

Who are the current owners of Möbius II? These are Immobel and Fidentia Belux Investments.

Let’s take a look at Immobel for a moment.

Strange, it was already this company that was in charge of the relocation of the federal police in association with a Dutch developer. File in which 40 million of public money had disappeared (3). Its executive chairman is Marnix Galle. It is the son of the SPA minister, Marc Galle. The latter died a few days before the opening of his trial for misappropriation of inheritance (4).

The young Marnix had to leave the Belgian territory to escape justice after having committed very serious acts of violence at the end of his studies. He then stayed in the USA for a while to be forgotten. On his return, he married Veerle Michiels, the daughter of Willy Michiels. He was better known as the « Bingo King » aka d’n Chipper. He ruled over a real gaming empire in Belgium (5).

These functions put him in contact with numerous mafias and criminal groups in Belgium and throughout the world. And so it is quite naturally that Marnix Galle was put in contact with this underworld in which he assisted his father-in-law for years.

Their relationship became strained when Marnix Galle and his wife divorced. And Galle founded his first real estate company, Alfin, before taking over Immobel.

He married Michelle Sioen who runs Sioen Industries, a world leader in the production of truck tarpaulins. The couple made headlines when they became direct neighbors of the royal family. Indeed, they have rented the Stuyvenberg, the former residence of Queen Fabiola, for 30 years (6).

In this article, the journalist asks the real estate agent in charge of the rental the following question: « The location being sensitive », situated in the royal domain of Laeken, a few steps away from the castles of Laeken and Belvedere where the kings Philippe and Albert live, « a suitable family was needed », adds the real estate agent modestly. Does this mean that the tenants were closely monitored by the Belgian security services, including State Security? « Yes, of course. » 

The Stuyvenberg leased for 30 years ( © Wikimedia). 

Has Marnix Galle calmed down by hanging out with the right people? The answer does not come from Belgium but from Spain.

Indeed, Marnix Galle has acquired a huge hunting property in Spain, between Grazalema and Ronda. However, he soon ran into trouble with local environmental leaders. They reproached him for closing the public roads that crossed his domain. The leader of this sling is called Juan Clavero. A « lucky » control of the Guardia Civil found 47 grams of cocaine in his car.

Demonstrations and riots took place in support of the environmentalist leader and a court ruled that it was a set-up. Galle employees are highly suspected of placing the drugs without the knowledge of the car driver (7).

Galle denies any involvement in this case.

During his interview by Humo, the journalist asked Jaak Raes if he knew with whom the Building Authority was negotiating the purchase of the building. He replied « Wie ze heeft gefinancierd, weet ik niet. Het intereseert me eerlijk gezegd ook niet. »

Clearly, he doesn’t care.

We invite Mr. Raes to open his computer and read the reports on Marnix Galle and the Bingo King that the Sûreté agents must surely have written, given the importance of the individuals in question.

In the interview, Raes is very proud to show the message of thanks to the Security sent by the King for the work of our intelligence service in the fight against terrorism. It is not certain that he will receive another one… for the fight against organized crime.

After having looked at the real estate developers, let’s take a look at the architectural firm in charge of the construction of Moëbius II. This is the Assar office.

Our loyal readers may remember one of our articles entitled « Welcome to Plutocracy » that we published in April 2018. This article described the rotten networks of the MR. It contained the publication of evidence that Jean-Pierre Reynders, the brother of the current European Commissioner for Justice, had been responsible for the construction of security premises at the Russian Embassy. For everyone working in the security world, this meant a possible gateway to corruption and close links between the Reynders clan and the Russian services.

Official document constituting an irrefutable proof of the link between Jean-Pierre Reynders and the Russian services. Indeed, the security building in a Russian embassy depends on the services. 

Then it appeared that Jean-Pierre Reynders had joined the Assar office and that he had access to the plans of the new Nato headquarters in Evere for which Assar was responsible.

Ad Meskens / Wikimedia

Incredible but true.

Now we see that the same Assar office is in charge of the construction of the headquarters of the Sûreté.

It is worth noting that Jean-Pierre Reynders’ interloping relationships do not stop at Russia. He was also very close to a Moroccan spy named Kaoutar Fal. The latter’s activities were so invasive that Belgium had to expel it from its territory (8).

Placing microphones in the future HQ of the Belgian internal intelligence service is clearly a first choice objective for the Russian and Moroccan services.

As a reminder, it appeared that the latter had used illegal eavesdropping to monitor President Macron, via the Israeli software system Pegasus (9). Clearly, the services of « friendly » countries can sometimes behave badly…

In short, the Sûreté’s relocation project seems to be motivated by something other than the interest of the service.

There are also questions about the need to purchase a 23-story tower when the Sûreté currently occupies a 7‑story building. The title of Humo’s article is eloquent, the Sûreté agents hardly do any intelligence work anymore. Why quadruple the size of the Sûreté headquarters in Brussels? Why go through a promoter with a sulphurous past? Why use an architect known for his dubious relations with enemy countries? Why concentrate its service in a tower that is an ideal target for a terrorist organization?

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