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- GRAPPE press release — 

Faced with the impasse in which the government and its medical experts have led us in the management of the health crisis, the Grappe expects the political world to question the deleterious and ineffective strategy currently in force and to adopt a global health objective. A society without contact with citizens under house arrest behind screens is unlivable and inhumane.

Le Grappe, a permanent education association aiming to promote a truly ecological policy, calls for a quick reaction from the political world and a return to the culture of debate and respect for democratic rules. To this end:

1. The Grappe calls for an urgent evaluation of the health relevance of the current liberticidal measures.

A vision of health, exclusively focused on the fight against the SARS-COV19 coronavirus, is reductive and therefore wrong. It is time to consider all aspects of health, whether it is mental, emotional, emotional, social or spiritual.

Many of the current liberticidal measures can be described as infantile, incoherent or incomprehensible, without any proof of their health effectiveness.

Citizens have the right to have this evidence, if it exists.

In any case, in accordance with its educational role and its democratic conception of the functioning of society, the Grappe has undertaken a critical analysis of the choices made over the past year. An evaluation of the health, ecological, social and democratic consequences of these choices is underway in cooperation with independent specialists and other civil society associations.

2. In the immediate future, the Grappe proposes to program the lifting of the liberticidal measures as soon as possible.

The granting of financial alms to the sectors considered to be most in need is useful but insufficient. It is necessary to organize the rapid reopening of the places of socialization and the resumption of the cultural, sporting, political activities as well as those of the Horeca and the trades known as of contact. The mental, psychological and social well-being and life balance of each individual are at stake.

3. The Grappe also considers that preventing the circulation of the virus at all costs is a chimerical objective.

It is legitimate to think that the spread of the virus can be limited; it is unrealistic and counterproductive to rely on this strategy and to condition the end of the process on a generalized vaccination of the population.

There are many reasons to question this goal of widespread vaccination:

- The safety of vaccines marketed to date is questionable. In particular, Pfizer and Moderna’s messenger RNA vaccines have escaped the legal obligation to assess their impact on the human genome and the environment by means of a derogation voted in haste by the European Parliament and the Council on 15 July 2020 to speed up the authorization process.

- There is no scientifically validated evidence that vaccines are effective in preventing transmission of the virus ;

- The three vaccines already approved are subject to delivery delays that further undermine the European authorities’ flawed strategy.

The current propaganda for vaccination is not compatible with the principle of informed consent of patients required by Belgian law and international conventions.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning the reminder injected by the Assembly of the Council of Europe on January 27:  » the Assembly therefore urges members and the European Union: (…) with regard to ensuring a high level of acceptance of vaccines: (…) to ensure that citizens are informed that vaccination is NOT compulsory and that no one is under political, social or other pressure to be vaccinated if he or she does not wish to do so personally.  »

In this sense, the adoption of a bill concerning the creation of a centralized database and the fact that these data can be communicated to third parties is not reassuring. The Data Protection Authority itself, believes that this constitutes a considerable interference with the right to personal data protection.

We have known who is in the at-risk population for many months. Focusing on this population and properly informing them to avoid risky situations is the right approach. To allow others, and especially the youth, to live a normal life in a responsible way with the appropriate hygienic measures is a realistic, intelligent and respectful choice, contrary to the one that is imposed on us today in an authoritarian and police manner.

4. The Cluster states that prevention and appropriate outpatient care are the best responses to reduce Covid-related risks and avoid hospitalization.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet based on fresh produce, vitamin D and zinc supplementation can strengthen the immune system and prevent disease or reduce its negative effects.

Protocols for outpatient treatment recognized as effective and inexpensive are proposed by associations of physicians and personalities independent of the pharmaceutical industry.

Le Grappe calls on the health authorities and all general practitioners to take note of these protocols, published in particular by the associations AIMSIB and Reinfo covid*, and to choose the best way to treat in complete freedom.

The Grappe calls to refuse the perpetuation of a hygienist dictatorship that is as ineffective as it is harmful to all.

Pierre Stein, President, Martine Dardenne, Honorary Senator and Secretary, Paul Lannoye, Honorary MEP and Board Member


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