Invasion of Mega-Malls

You will find in this file presentations of megacenters that already exist (in Mons) or that are in preparation (Verviers, Namur, Brussels), presentations made by or thanks to activists whom we thank. Certain economic actors, certain practices, certain interests are recurrent. We will have the opportunity to come back in other issues to follow the evolution of the projects and give you new information. Paul Ariès offers a critical analysis of the megamall, and leads to political proposals for living well. A double-page centerfold illustrated by Chloé and Fanny illustrates the remarks and can, we hope, be detached and used as a militant support in various events. Finally, the story of an exceptional citizen’s action against the establishment of a mega shopping center in Verviers, for a friendly and lively city. And if you want to take action against the invasion of megacenters, a simple idea: whenever possible, do not go to these indecent places! Good readings and actions.

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